USA Ranks 31st In Broadband Speed According to Speedtest


If there were an Olympics for best broadband speeds than the USA probably wouldn’t even be allowed to field a team. According to recent test results from, the USA is back in the pack, ranking a paltry 31st among countries around the globe. Countries in the Pacific and Europe rank above the USA with […]

Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T 4G LTE Speed Test

Galaxy Note LTE Speedtest

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a speedy superphone thanks to the dual-core processor and AT&T’s 4G LTE network. While speeds weren’t so impressive on HSPA, now that I have my review unit working on LTE downloads are much faster. I used the app in three different locations in Manhattan (NYC). The speeds weren’t consistent […]

FCC Providing Tools to Test Broadband Speeds

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If you’ve ever thought you weren’t getting the broadband speeds your ISP or provider promised, you might want to try these tools that the FCC has just made available. First up is a tool you can use on your laptop or desktop that tells you upload and download speeds along with measuring latency and jitter. […]