Splashy Fish, City Bird Flappy Flyer Beat the Flappy Bird Crackdown

Flappy Bee is now Jumpy Bee on the Apple App Store.

The Flappy Bird hype may be coming to an end as Apple and Google step in to keep clones from overtaking their app stores like the fart apps and flashlights of years past. Apple and Google aren’t banning Flappy Bird style games, but a report on Techcrunch offers examples of both companies rejecting apps that […]

Splashy Fish, City Bird Fill Flappy Bird Hole Complete with Cheats

City Bird is another Flappy Bird replacement climbing to the top of the charts.

Splashy Fish and City Bird are the top trending Flappy Bird replacements for the iPhone users and for gamers that need that ultimate high score there are already Splashy Fish cheats emerging to get that high score faster. City Bird – Flappy Flyer and Splashy Fish are Flappy Bird replacements for users that want to […]