Siri to Provide Sports Scores, Stats and Standings

apple sports information

Thanks to the updates to Siri announced at WWDC 2012, users will soon be able to keep track of sports scores, stats and more. The new features work with major sports, allowing iOS users to instantly get information about live games and players. Let’s say you’re a Green Bay Packers fan and you want to […]

ESPN Chooses Money Over Users with Mobile Apps

ESPN Chooses Money Over Users with Mobile Apps

Earlier today, Gawker reported on an extremely shady move by ESPN as far as its ESPN Radio app is concerned. ESPN will be introducing a new and improved ESPN Radio application for $4.99. However, it will be closing up shop on its aging ESPN Radio app that it launched back in 2009. That wouldn’t be […]

NHL PrePlay Lets You Experience the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on iPad


At my house watching sports and using your iPad go together so Molson Canadian NHL PrePlay wants to take advantage of this phenomena with an interesting companion app that lets you use your hockey knowledge and prognostication skills while you watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you’re a hockey fan, then you’re likely to watch […]

How to Follow the NFL Draft on Your Phone


If you’re a passionate NFL fan, then you know the draft will start on Thursday, April 26 and continue through that weekend. You could sit in front of your TV and watch the coverage on ESPN or NFL Network, but you may not have time to do that for the entire draft. That’s where your […]

Time Warner Cable Apps Now Stream Sports Channels in Some Cities

Time Warner Cable Android App Brings Live TV To Android 4.0

Time Warner Cable subscribers in New York City, Dallas, and Charlotte can now watch live sports channels on their smartphones and tablets. The new sports channels are available to Time Warner Cable subscribers with any app that can stream live TV, as long as they live in those three cities. The stations will just appear inside the iOS […]

How to Follow the NASCAR Samsung Mobile 500 On Your Phone


The Samsung Mobile 500 will get underway at the Texas Motor Speedway tonight, but if you aren’t home you can’t watch the race unless you’re a Sprint Android user. NASCAR cut out their other fans in an exclusive deal with the company that owns the naming rights to their Sprint Cup Series, the sport’s premier league. […]

Football Manager Handheld Hitting Android on April 11th

Football Manager Handheld Hits Android on April 11th

Sega has announced that a version of its popular soccer (football) manager game, dubbed Football Manager Handheld, will be hitting the Google Play Market and Android on April 11th. The game is already out for iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad. The news, first reported by EuroGamer, is huge for Android owners who […]

MLB at Bat 12 for Windows Phone Coming Soon

mlb at bat

One of the best applications for baseball lovers is Major League Baseball’s MLB at Bat application. And while it’s available on both iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets, the latest version of the application MLB at Bat 12, it hasn’t yet arrived for Windows Phone. That will soon change though. Major League Baseball’s MLB […]

Siri Rumored to Be Getting Native Sports Scores

Siri, the personal assistant found on the iPhone 4S, may be getting an ability in the future, a feature that sports fanatics everywhere have likely been hoping and praying for since the software’s release back in October. According to developer Evan Coleman, it would appear that Siri will be getting native sports scores at some […]

MLB At Bat 12 Ready for New Season, Watch Out for Auto-Renewal

MLB At Bat Pitch Chart Screen

The MLB At Bat 12 app received the annual update for the new Major League Baseball season, but subscribers to their MLB.TV subscriptions got a surprise email from MLB telling them that the service will charge another year’s subscription automatically at $119.99, $5 off the full price for new subscribers. You can get the updated app […]

Watch Super Bowl 46 on Your Android, iPhone or iPad With SlingBox

SlingPlay over 3G on my IPad

If you’re away from your TV on Super Bowl Sunday, then consider watching the game on your iPad, Android device or iPhone. It’s not the same as watching on a big HD display, but not everyone will have that luxury due to work schedules or cable cutting. You can watch on your iPhone, iPad or […]

How To Watch The Super Bowl On Your Android or iPhone

NFL Mobile on the iPhone - image credit Electronista

The big game is Sunday and people all across the land are planning big Super Bowl parties… except those of you who can’t get to a TV for whatever reason. Fear not, we live in the future. And that means watching the Super Bowl on your phone. A few weeks ago the NFL announced that […]

PlayUp App Brings Social Interaction to Sports


PlayUp brings social networking to sports via an iPhone app that lets fans interact live during a game. The app includes most of the major sporting events in the world. Connect with your friends by inviting them from Facebook, email or SMS, and then chat in your team’s hangout inside the app. I enjoy interacting […]

How To Watch Baseball Playoffs At Work and On Your iPhone, iPad & Android

Watch Postseason 2011 on your Smartphone

With the 2011 Postseason underway, there’s no doubt you are looking for a way to watch the Detroit Tigers run up the score on the New York Yankees from work or on your iPhone or Android. Whether you are rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies Arizona Diamondbacks or the Milwaukee Brewers you […]

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball App for Android Now Available


While it might be a little late, Yahoo’s Fantasy Baseball application has finally made it to the Android Market and is ready and able to track your team’s rise or fall in the league standings. Back on March 31st, MLB’s opening day this year, Android owners playing fantasy baseball through Yahoo! likely went to the […]

WatchESPN App Brings Streaming Sports to Android


ESPN has gone ahead and released its WatchESPN application for Android users which will allow for device owners to stream ESPN content on-the-go. While the application is free, it unfortunately requires a cable provider to use. Worse yet, you have to be a customer at one of the service providers that have approved the application. […]

How to Watch The 2011 NFL Draft on Android

NFL Draft on Android

While we still have no idea if the NFL is going to have a season, the NFL Draft will still take place and Verizon has confirmed partnered with the NFL to bring exclusive live coverage of the Draft to Android devices. If you don’t already have it, the Draft is going to be covered on […]

How To Watch the Masters Golf Tournament While Mobile


For golf fans who get as excited about the Masters Golf Tournament as the others get about the Super Bowl, CES and the Oscars, one app that will help you enjoy the tournament, if you can’t be in front of your TV this weekend, is The Master’s Golf Tournament app ($1.99). If you don’t have […]