Square Apple Pay Support: 3 Things For Businesses to Know


It’s not uncommon for the owner of an Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or an Apple Watch to walk up to a register with their goods and sheepishly present their device’s screen in lieu of handing over cash or a credit card. Announced last year, Apple Pay is available on all three of these […]

Apple Pay Support Could Expand to Small Businesses


Apple Pay has been rather popular since it launched last month, and payment processing service Square will be able to bring Apple’s new digital payment platform to smaller businesses. While Apple Pay is becoming the most popular digital payment service, it’s only accepted at larger retail locations and a handful of restaurant chains, but Square […]

Amazon Takes on Square & PayPal iPhone Card Reader


Square and PayPal both have mobile credit card readers that storefronts can use to ring up payments, but Amazon is getting in on the action with a card reader of their own for iPhone. The giant online retailer has launched what it’s calling Local Register, and it’s a credit card reader that looks to take […]

Square Launches New Accessory Program with Griffin as First Partner


Square, the company behind the popular credit card reader accessory for the iPhone and Android, has partnered up with Griffin to offer the first accessory in Square’s new “Works with Square” program. Surprise, surprise: it’s an iPhone case. The Griffin Merchant Case works with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, and while you would think […]

Starbucks Now Accepts Square Wallet For Mobile Payments

Starbucks Square Wallet

Starting today smartphone users can buy their Starbucks coffee with Square Wallet at almost any location in the U.S. Now users can walk into any participating Starbucks, launch Square Wallet and look through the menu from their iPhone or Android phone. Unlike other businesses, Starbucks doesn’t allow Square Wallet users to order their items from […]

Dunkin’ Donuts Launches Mobile Payment App For iPhone and Android

Donukin' Donuts mobile payments app

In an effort to keep up with Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts now has its own mobile payment app for iOS and Android. The new Dunkin’ Donuts app, is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store. The app uses a barcode system for mobile payments, similar to the Starbucks app before the company teamed […]

Four Major Carriers Join Google In Mobile Payments Committee

Mobile Payments

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all joining the Mobile Payments Committee along with Google and other companies to help make mobile payments better. According to VentureBeat, the MPC is part of the trade group Electronic Transactions Association. The committee now has representatives from the four major carriers, Google, PayPal, Intuit, Verifone, and ISIS (which […]

Starbucks Bringing Square Payment Tech to Its Cafes


Starbucks will be abandoning its cash registers at its cafes in favor of adopting Square‘s payment technology, which connects a credit card reader to an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet to accept credit card payments. The payment technology has been adopted by many small businesses and it will soon be found in over […]

Square Adds Reward Programs to Pay With Square

Pay with Square

Square is not only trying to get rid of the need for a credit card, now it’s also eliminating the need for physical loyalty cards. The latest version of Pay With Square now includes virtual loyalty cards for users who frequent certain shops. The loyalty cards work just like the physical punch or stamp cards […]

Mobile Payments May Reach Mainstream by 2020

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments aren’t new to the tech-obsessed, but using a smartphone for payments isn’t mainstream yet. According to a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project survey, a majority of Americans will be using mobile payments by 2020. Well, according to CNN, the survey actually says that 65 percent of Americans believe that a majority […]

Eventbrite Joins Square, PayPal Here With Own iPad Credit Card Reader


Eventbrite has just revealed a new credit card reader for the iPad that will allow event planners and organizers using the company’s ticket system to collect ticketing payment offline and at the door where events occur. The company’s system operates in a way similar to Square‘s credit card service for small business owners and PayPal’s […]

Obama Adopts Square Technology for Accepting Campaign Donations


Obama’s first run for President was noteworthy because the then Presidential candidate had a forward view on technology and was seen toting around a BlackBerry and other gadgets along the campaign trail. Obama’s forward thinking will continue with his re-election campaign and the President’s staff will be utilizing Square to accept campaign contributions. The module […]

Salvation Army Hopes Square Payment System Can Be Santa’s Helper


The Salvation Army is looking to use Square’s payment dongle, which plugs into a smartphone or tablet, to help collect donations from shoppers this holiday shopping season. In addition to the tradition sound of bells and clinking coins in red buckets, Square’s payment may help attract donations from shoppers who only carry credit or debit […]

Square’s Card Case Wants You to Make a Purchase Hands Free

Square - Card Case

It’s long been one of the mobile mantras that one day we’ll be able to walk into a store, make a purchase, and walk out without having to deal with cash, credit cards, etc.. It’s also a nightmare to hear some security analysts talk about it. Either way, there are innovations afoot in Near Field […]

Email Receipts Go Mainstream: 60% of Stores to Embrace by 2016

paper receipt

If you’ve made a purchase at an Apple store you’re already familiar with email receipts, which are delivered to your inbox instead of lost in your wallet. According to industry insiders you’ll soon have the option to get your receipts via email from retailers large and small. The Boston Herald cites a Nordstrom spokesperson, claiming that 60% of […]

Apple’s Point of Sale Solution at Old Navy, Rolling out Elsewhere?


At least one retailer is testing Apple’s point of sale solution in some stores this holiday shopping season. One shopper snagged a photo of the Apple PoS ringing up a Christmas sweater at Old Navy.  The POS is called ZipCheck when used outside of Apple Stores. The system is based on an iPod Touch, but […]

Video: Selling Doughnuts with Square and iPad

Screen shot 2010-09-28 at 3.05.54 PM

I just got my Square dongle in the mail, but haven’t had a chance to set it up to start accepting payments. Square is a little dongle that turns any iOS device into a credit card swiper and cash register. One thing holding me back from actually using it is that Square gave me a […]