Top 5 iPhone 6 Warranty & Insurance Options

It's a good idea to look into iPhone 6 warranty and insurance options before you need them.

After you decide which iPhone 6 you are buying, how much storage you need and what color you want Apple and the iPhone 6 carriers will all ask you one more important and potentially expensive question, “Do you want AppleCare+ or an iPhone warranty or insurance option?” iPhone warranty options like AppleCare+ and iPhone insurance […]

Top 5 iPhone 5s Insurance & Warranty Options Compared

Broken iPhones are no joke. Here's a look a the best iPhone 5s insurance and warranty options.

When you buy the iPhone 5s Apple will ask if you want to buy AppleCare+ an extended iPhone 5s warranty and your carrier will try to sell iPhone 5s insurance to cover a lost or stolen iPhone. While it is a good idea to buy some type of iPhone 5s insurance or an extended iPhone […]

Samsung Galaxy S4: 1 in 8 Will Break in Six Months

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may not be able to survive drops any better than the Galaxy S3.

In the next six months, one of every eight Samsung Galaxy S4 devices sold will be broken by the owner thanks to a drop, dunk in a toilet or worse. According to a new set of data out from SquareTrade, Android owners need to be more concerned with accidental damage than from someone who will […]

How to Make a SquareTrade Claim for a Broken iPad


Apple doesn’t guarantee their products against user damage, like dropping it on the pavement and then breaking the display, so we recommend readers insure their devices. We compared five of the best options for covering an iPhone and settled on AppleCare or SquareTrade. I chose to go with SquareTrade mainly due to previous experience. It’s a good […]

Top 5 iPhone 5 Warranty Options Compared

Why You want iPhone 5 Insurance

The iPhone 5 is an expensive gadget to replace with off contract pricing starting at $649. That’s the price users will need to pay if they break their iPhone 5 in the middle of a contract. With the iPhone 5 on the way top buyers soon, that means users will be able to drop it […]

Nexus 7 vs. iPad Drop Test & Water Torture (Video)

Nexus 7 vs iPad drop test

What happens when you drop the Nexus 7 and the iPad? We don’t recommend tossing your tablets to the ground or dropping them in water, and thankfully you don’t need to. Which popular tablet handles drops and water the best? Read: Google Nexus 7 Review SquareTrade tortured the Nexus 7 and the iPad with drops from […]

10 Weirdest Phone Deaths on Twitter

broken iphone 4 cracked

People destroy and kill their phones in all kinds of crazy ways. From wing sauce and cranberry juice to cereal, bathtubs and toilets, the phone toting public keeps finding weirder ways to destroy perfectly good phones. Read: iPhone 4S Warranties Compared To promote SquareTrade warranties, the company launched @TechCrushed, a Twitter account dedicated to finding the craziest and weirdest ways phones, […]

Jailbroken iPhones Now Covered by SquareTrade Warranty


Techies who like the jailbreak their iPhones can now buy a warranty for their device from SquareTrade. Third-party warranty service SquareTrade announced today that it will cover any iPhone with its warranties, including jailbroken iPhones. Now users are free to tinker with their iPhones’s software without worrying about voiding their warranty. That’s good news for […]

Cell Phone Darwin Awards 2012

Burnt phone darwin awards

It’s easy to break a cell phone, but destroying a smartphone in a spectacular fashion takes skill. Taking a page from the Darwin Awards, given to humans that meet their ends in incredibly stupid and spectacular ways, gadget warranty company SquareTrade presents the Cell Phone Darwin Awards. (Read: iPhone 4S Warranty and Insurance Options)  Not everyone needs a warranty, but […]

Watch in Agony as the New iPad is Drop Tested (Video)

new ipad drop test featured

The new iPad has only been around for a weekend, but we already have our first look at how well it can handle a drop. In short. Not well. SquareTrade, a company that sells gadget warranties, bought a new iPad and an iPad 2, and proceeded to drop them from waist and shoulder height, with disappointing smacks, […]

Top 5 New iPad Warranty and Insurance Options Compared

The new iPad 3rd Generation is on the way to home and stores across the country, which means it will soon be in your hands, where you’ll be able to drop it and break it. The iPad isn’t a cheap gadget, and in drop tests the iPad doesn’t do so well. Even if you plan […]

Will the iPad 3 Retina Display Be More Durable?

Broken iPad Screen - iPad 3 Durability

Apple is expected to release the iPad 3 in a few weeks, at an event held in early March. We already have a good idea about the specs, including a new Retina Display with a super high-resolution, a 4G LTE connection, better camera and even a quad-core processor that gives the iPad more power. (Read: What to […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Trounces iPhone 4S in Drop Test

iPhone 4S

Those of you out there hoping to get a glimpse at the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II getting destroyed for the sake of entertainment are in luck because SquareTrade has released a new drop test pitting Apple’s latest iPhone against Samsung’s iconic Android device. A little forewarning though, if you’re like me, […]

Top 5 iPhone 4S Warranty Options Compared

Broken iPhone 4

For iPhone 4S preorder buyers, the iPhone 4S will soon be in your hands. That means enjoyment, but it also means that you might drop your iPhone 4S and break it. While the iPhone 4S might only cost $199 when you buy it, the actual price is much higher. When you sign a two-year contract, […]