Apple Pay Support Rolls Out at Staples

Apple Pay

Added to a growing list of Apple Pay supporters, Staples is now accepting the new digital payment platform at its stores nationwide, allowing users to use their iPhone 6 to buy office supplies. Back in September when Apple announced Apple Pay, Staples was listed as one of the stores that would gain Apple Pay support […]

Fire TV Stick Pre-Orders Begin at Staples

Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s new Fire TV Stick was announced earlier this week and put on pre-order on Amazon’s website, but shipping dates quickly slipped as more and more buyers took advantage of the limited-time $19 price. However, Staples just put the Fire TV Stick up for pre-order on its own website. On Amazon’s website, the new streaming […]

iPad Air Sale Knocks $100 Off at Staples


The WiFi-only version of the iPad Air can be had for 25% off right now at Staples, selling for just $399 when you use a coupon code for a limited time. Buyers can get either the silver or space gray iPad Air for a whopping $100 off, but the deal only applies to the WiFi-only […]

Kindle Sale: Staples Discounts All Models by Up to $30

Kindle sale at Staples

Amazon discounted some of its Kindle ereaders late last week, but now Staples has taken the baton and is offering the entry-level Kindle ereader for just $49. Furthermore, the office supply store is selling the Kindle Paperwhite for $99 and a plethora of Kindle Fire tablets for up to $30 off. Of course, the discounted […]

iPad Sale Takes $30 Off All Models at Staples

iPad Sale

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, Staples is having a deal where you can get any tablet that’s regularly priced at $149 or more for $30 off. This means that you can grab any iPad and save $30 off the price, as well as Kindle Fire tablets and Samsung slates. Using the […]

Staples Black Friday 2013 and Cyber Monday Comes with Mobile Coupons

The Staples Cyber Monday deals and Black Friday will bring a coupon for bigger savings.

The Staples Black Friday 2013 deals and Cyber Monday deals are even sweeter with something we don’t normally see on Black Friday – coupons. Staples is already offering early iPad Black Friday deals with up to $150 off and is planning a sale with Kindle Fire Black Friday deals and other items which are now […]

Staples Black Friday 2013 Kindle Fire Deals, ChromeBook & Tablets

There are many Kindle Fire Black Friday 2013 deals at Staples, but you may want to skip the cheapest model.

The Staples Black Friday 2013 ad is now online, showing off the discounts that Staples hopes will lure shoppers in to their store instead of Best Buy on Black Friday 2013. Staples is known for a robust in store tablet selection these days, and on Black Friday 2013 they are offering a discount on four […]

Avoid Surface RT Black Friday Deals


Black Friday is upon us and retailers everywhere are showing off their ads trying to prime you to stand in line and create chaos at their stores so that you can save a few bucks. There’s no denying that there are good deals available and of course whether or not there is a value in […]

New Nexus 7 Deals Land as Google Play Store Sales Begin

The Nexus 7 Wi-Fi model is here but the LTE model remains unreleased.

The new Nexus 7 is now available on the Google Play Store and will start shipping by its July 30th release date. However, those looking for a deal on the 2013 Nexus 7 should look no further than Staples which currently allows buyers to take $30 off of the device’s $230 and $270 price tags. […]

Nexus 7 Deals Go Lower, Still Not Worth It


As Nexus 7 2 rumors continue, so do deals on Google’s current Nexus 7 tablet with the latest deal dropping the price of the Nexus 7 all the way down $149 for the 16GB model and $249 for the 32GB Nexus 7. For months, rumors have indicated that Google and Asus are planning a sequel […]

100 iPhone Apps to Supercharge Your New iPhone


Here’s a list of 113 iPhone apps that will help you have fun, take better photos, be productive, manage a business or personal finances, chase storms (or avoid them) and much more. Like many of you, I am attached to my iPhone. Not only am I an automotive technology writer for this site, but I […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 U.S. Release in a Nutshell

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes to Staples today. Sort of.

Staples today announced that it has started to carry the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, though it’s launch is extremely confusing, indicative of the Samsung Galaxy S4 U.S. release as a whole. Previously, Staples told us that it would have the Samsung Galaxy S4 available in April, however, thanks to the delays suffered […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date: AT&T First, Verizon Last?

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 release date may arrive a month after AT&T and T-Mobile.

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 release date could come more than a month after the first Galaxy S4 release. This news is according to an alleged Galaxy S4 release preparation document from Staples. Select Staples stores sell wireless service from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, and a leaked document appears to fill in one of the […]

Staples Now Sells Apple Accessories Online


Staples now offers Apple accessories including iPad Smart Covers, EarPods and Apple TV through its online store. The accessories come to Staples just a week after store executives admitted the company would sell Apple products, according to 9To5Mac. For now the accessories are only available online, but they may come to Staples stores sometime in […]

Staples to Sell Apple Products in 2013


Staples stores in the U.S. will soon start selling Apple devices, giving users another place to buy MacBooks and iPads according to 9To5Mac. The news of Staples carrying Apple products comes from a tweet from Staples Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources Regis Mulot. Mulot didn’t say when Staples stores will start selling Apple devices, […]

Staples Beats Nook & Kindle Black Friday Deals Today

Black Friday Kindle Fire Deals 2012

The Best Black Friday 2012 deals on the Nook and Kindle eReaders and Tablets are available today, Wednesday November 21, not on Friday. Staples announced a coupon for $25 off any Nook or Kindle device, available in store for today only. The coupon beats Staples’ Black Friday deals which offer a $20 gift card with […]

Staples Begins Pre-orders For Nexus 10 on November 17

Nexus 10

On Saturday, November 17, Staples will begin selling pre-orders for the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet in stores and online. Staples will only sell the 32GB model of the Nexus 10 for $499, and buyers can expect the tablet to ship around the end of December from December 23rd to the 30th. Delivery of the tablet […]

Amazon Planning Full Tablet Assault with 5-6 Kindle Fire 2 Tablet Options

Kindle Fire 2 concept

Amazon is readying a collection of Kindle Fire tablets to take on the iPad and Nexus 7 tablets this fall, with the possibility for as many as six new Amazon tablet variations. Demos Parneros, the President of Staples, told Reuters that Amazon will sell five to six new Amazon tablets this fall. Specifically, Parneros says Amazon is […]

16GB Nexus 7 Now Shipping in 3-4 Weeks On Google Play

The Nexus 7 launch mess is familiar.

The 16GB Google Nexus 7 shipping estimates have slipped. The $250 version of the tablet now ships in 3-4 weeks through the Google Play Store. Google still lists the 8GB version of the Nexus 7 as shipping in 1-2 weeks. It’s only the 16GB model that will now ship a bit later. We assume this […]

Nexus 7 Goes On Sale at Staples This Week


The Google Nexus 7 tablet is hard to find in stores or online without numerous phone calls or the need for lots of patience. While Staples stores in Ohio have not received their shipment of the Nexus 7 tablet, the Staples store in Findlay, OH says that the Nexus 7 will be available for sale […]