State Farm’s RightLane: New App Tracks Driving, Saves on Insurance

RightLane by State Farm

RightLane is an Android app currently in beta testing by State Farm. This application is likely a response to the Progressive Snapshot program. Snapshot by Progressive is a device that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port and tracks driving behavior. It tracks everything from speed to the time-of-day the vehicle is in operation. If the driver […]

13 Banks With iPhone Remote Check Deposit Apps

iPhone Remote Deposit check apps

More than half of the checks that consumers deposit remotely come from a mobile device according to a Federal Reserve Payments Study. Even though the overall number and value of checks deposited dropped in the last several years the use of iPhone check deposit apps help consumers quickly deposit a paper check without going to […]

State Farm iOS App Grades Your Driving Habits


Amidst all the hullabaloo about Apple tracking your location data comes word of an App from State Farm called Driver Feedback App that grades you on your driving habits using the GPS and accelerometer. State Farm swears up and down that it doesn’t collect any of the data. But the App does give you a […]