Bloomberg: Microsoft to Name Satya Nadella as New CEO

According to Dina Bass at Bloomberg, her sources say Microsoft is preparing to name Satya Nadella as its new CEO next week. The same report says Microsoft’s board is also preparing to replace Bill Gates as Chairman with John Thompason. Satya Nadella has been employed at Microsoft since 1992 and currently serves as the vice […]

Why the Surface is Expensive: Apple Threatened High-End PCs

The iPad Air and the Surface 2

Apparently, Surface owners owe Apple a debt of gratitude. Comments made by Steve Ballmer indicate that it was actually Apple’s dominance in high-end computing that convinced the company to move forward with the Surface RT and Surface Pro. The comments came during an interview with ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley. In the interview, Ballmer said that […]

2014 Mobile Tech Predictions

The Swami

2013 is quickly preparing to exit stage right. 2014 has moved from the green room and is waiting in the wings for its entrance. Who really knows what the next year will bring? There have been some interesting signals and intriguing signs that might tell us something of where we are going in mobile tech. […]

Sunday Morning Reading: Ballmer, Burning Crosses, and the NSA


There were some interesting things going on in the mobile tech world this last week on many fronts. Much of what happened we chronicled in one way or the other here on the pages of GBM. But there were several articles that are worth point out that make very good Sunday morning reading (or viewing) […]

Steve Ballmer Bids Farewell to Microsoft in Final Company Meeting

steve ballmer

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer is asserting that his leaving the company has nothing to do with its stock price, but as video of the CEO’s farewell address demonstrates, clearly that isn’t making his leaving any less difficult. Video of Ballmer’s speech during Microsoft’s company-wide meeting surfaced over the weekend, and it clearly shows a distraught Steve […]

Grading My 2012 Predictions


Things moved quickly on some fronts in the mobile tech world in 2012. On some fronts, not quickly enough. And there were even a few areas where things seemed to be stagnant. We had successes, we had failures and we had just about everything in between. Apple, Google, and Microsoft dominated the mobile tech news, […]

Microsoft Gave Partners a Heads Up on Surface


According to a report from AllThingsD, Microsoft’s Surface announcement wasn’t a complete surprise for its partners. Steve Ballmer told AllThingsD that Microsoft had tipped off its partners ahead of time, although no time frame was mentioned, so that could have been phone calls earlier in the day of the event. On some levels that makes […]

Steve Ballmer’s Final CES Keynote: Nothing New But Forging Ahead


This was an historic year at CES 2012 if for no other reason that it was the announced last keynote by Microsoft. Announced by both Microsoft and CES, that move has caused much consternation and gnashing of teeth about Microsoft (they want to move on, they don’t have that much new coming, etc…) and CES […]

2012 Predictions: Warner’s Take-All Eyes on Microsoft


Making predictions for what is to come in the New Year in this topsy-turvey world is both an easy chore and a difficult exercise. Just about everything in any field of human endeavor, much less the world of mobile tech, is in such a state of transition, or in a state of wait-and-see these days, […]

Is Android Only for Computer Geeks? No, but…


In yet another potential entry in the “Big Book of Dumb Things Steve Ballmer Said”, the CEO of Microsoft took a potshot at Android claiming you need to be a computer scientist to use it. Definitely sounds dumb, yet recent examples indicate there may be a kernel of truth to that.

HTC Pays $5 Per Android License… To Microsoft


You may recall Steve Ballmer talking crazy a few months ago about how Android isn’t free and that you gotta pay Microsoft to use it. Well, now there are numbers to back that up ranging from HTC’s licensing fee of $5 a pop to asking prices of $7.50 to $12.50 from others.

What happened to that prediction of Windows Embedded Compact 7 at CES?


So the Big Ballmer took the wraps off Windows for ARM, which turns out will be the next version of Windows, ruining predictions by myself and others that he would be showing Windows Embedded Compact 7. Can’t say I’m too upset by that, particularly since there’s more to this story than missing a prediction.

Microsoft’s 2011 CES Keynote Says Please Wait and See

Microsoft at 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)_ Live Keynote-1

Steve Ballmer took the stage in his Microsoft blue shirt last night and delivered a keynote address that can best be described as “don’t count us out, please wait and see what we have to say next year.” That may be a bit unfair, but when the first half of the keynote talks about things […]

Ray Ozzie Stepping Down as Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect


Looks like there’s more shaking up going on at Microsoft. In a letter to Microsoft employees today, Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie announced that Ozzie is stepping down as Chief Software Architect. Ozzie assumed the title after being CTO when he was brought into Microsoft after they purchased Groove. Ozzie’s big push was to move […]

Ballmer: Touch-optimized means “big buttons”


Ballmer, you disappoint me again. Yes, you know how to crush competition. No, you don’t know your product or technology the way your predecessor does, as exemplified by you saying that touch optimization means “big buttons.” Yeah, because everyone raves about the iPad having big buttons.