No, This is Steve Ballmer Looking Like an Idiot :-)

Screen shot 2010-10-01 at 10.50.21 AM

I just got an email from one of our college-aged readers, calling out me and the GBM staff for making the Microsoft chief look stupid. He was apparently distraught that we’d dare put a picture of Steve Ballmer on the home page with his tongue hanging out. Kids these days….I guess they’re just too young […]

Ballmer Only Gets Half a Bonus Due to Mobile Challenges


Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do in the mobile space and the company’s board of directors decided to give CEO Steve Ballmer a kick in the rear…sort of. The board gave Ballmer only half of his expected salary, cutting a check for just $670,000. The reason he didn’t get the entire $1.34 […]

Ballmer: Windows 7 to be on slates “When it’s ready”


In an interview with The Seattle Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was asked when we’ll see Windows 7 on slate devices like the iPad. I know how I would have answered. I’m sure you have your own answer as well. Let’s see how they match up with Ballmer’s response.

When did Microsoft “make things happen” with Netbooks?


As Warner noted earlier, we’ve gotten more words from Steve Ballmer on tablets running Windows 7, and I agree, they are all just words at this point. The tragic part is, even if you take him at face value, Ballmer didn’t actually promise anything worthwhile.

Words, Words, Words: Ballmer Says Tablets are Job One Urgency


Steve Ballmer was performing during a financial analyst’s meeting and began talking about Microsoft and Tablets by saying “We’ll talk about slates and tablets and blah, blah, blah, blah.” Much of what else he said about Microsoft’s and Tablets is functionally the equivalent of blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard it all before and at the […]

Apple’s WWDC keynote to include Steve Ballmer?

The Steve Ballmer I know doesn't pull punches.

Here’s a rumor that’s sure to make the heads explode of fanboys from all corners: Steve Ballmer is said to be speaking at the keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference next week, talking about using Visual Studio 2010 to build apps for the Apple environment. Let the Internet be set ablaze!

Robert Scoble Late to the Party on Microsoft’s Tablet Bumble


Robert Scoble may be late to the party with his analysis of why Microsoft fumbled and bumbled the Tablet PC, but it will get attention. We’ve been diagnosing and rantingĀ  here on the pages and posts of GBM about all the ways that Microsoft missed the mark on what it had for quite some time […]

TechCrunch: HP Slate Has an Android Twin


According to TechCrunch, the HP Slate that Steve Ballmer held up during the CES2010 keynote isn’t the only HP Slate in the stable. Apparently there is one very similar to it, only running Google’s Android OS instead of Windows 7. As Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch notes that could be very interesting indeed for those who […]

Putting the Brakes on Ballmer’s Tablet Announcement?


This may be FUD, or the previous leak about Ballmer making a Tablet announcement in his keynote at CES2010 may be FUD. Who knows? Maybe Stebe Ballmer is biting his tongue or has his tongue in his cheek. But a little birdy, (that would be Rob Bushway) pinged a source at Microsoft who offered the […]

Ballmer Interview Worth A Watch

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch sat down with Steve Ballmer and talked about some of Microsoft’s future plans regarding The Cloud, Azure, Mobile Phones, enterprise technology, search, and more. Obviously you don’t get a lot of specifics, but you do get some good insight to the big picture strategy that drives Microsoft. Well worth watching. (There’s […]