Without Steve Jobs’ Push, Will We Lose Notebook Innovation?

Steve Jobs - By Matthew YoheMatt Yohe, from Wikimedia Commons

Back in May I moderated a panel at a literary conference about how science fiction is the new reality. The description read: “Star Trek offers a vision of the future that includes personal, networked communicators, talking, intelligent computers, and the tricorder, a portable, hand-held networked computing device. Today we have cellphones, IBM’s Watson, and the […]

Preview The Steve Jobs Biography In Time Magazine


When news of Walter Isaccson’s biography of Steve Jobs hit the wire it generated so much intense interest that the book climbed quickly onto Amazon’s best seller list weeks before its actual release. With the sad news of Jobs’ passing, people are even more interested in a peek behind the curtain of the man’s life […]

Thanks For the Insanely Great Times, Steve

Steve Jobs

One of those times that you’ll remember who you were with happened tonight when word came down that Steve Jobs had died. I was with the folks at Wayside Theatre in the middle of a technical rehearsal when our music director and sound designer, Steve Przybylski told us that Steve had passed. Intriguingly, Steve P. […]