Wozniak Tells Apple How to Kill Samsung with One Phone


Today there’s a new report and quote going around from Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, and it’s one you’ll want to hear. While I find myself wondering why what Woz has to say still matters so much, genius aside, the tech world loves what he has to say. Steve Wozniak “Woz” invented the Apple […]

The Red Flag Is Coming: China’s Xiaomi Gets Endorsed by Apple’s Wozniak

Image courtesy of TechinAsia

So far, popular smartphone brands in the U.S. have largely been dominated by Apple, Samsung, and smaller rivals, with Chinese brands taking a backseat with the low cost market. However, that may change soon given Xiaomi‘s ambitious plans to conquer the world and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak giving the Chinese brand a ringing endorsement. “I’m […]

Ford Talks Connected Cars, the Cloud and Data Security


During the Ford Trends conference, Jim Buczkowski, Henry Ford Technical Fellow and director of Electrical and Electronics Systems, discussed the future of connected automobiles and storing data in the cloud. As part of the Evos concept, the vehicle will learn driving habits, routes, and even music preferences. In the current age of governments and companies […]

Woz Gets In Line for an iPhone 4S


One of my favorite geeks, Steve Wozniak, got in line with the rest of the Apple loving fans in order to pick up an iPhone 4S. While I’m sure he could just call up someone at Apple and have it hand delivered to his home, but instead he likes to get in line and enjoy […]

Woz: The World Lost a John Lennon

Steve Wozniak tearfully remembers Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder and friend of Steve Jobs talked with the Associated Press last night after learning of Jobs’ passing. He tearfully described his reaction to the news and reminisced about his early days with his friend as they worked together to change the world of technology. Probably my favorite line from the […]

Top 10 Pitchmen (And Women) Who Could Replace Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Replacement

At WWDC 2011 Steve Jobs will return to the stage as Apple’s number one pitchman, selling a nation of eager fans on the latest and greatest products to come out of the Cupertino braintrust like iOS5, iCloud and possibly the iPhone 5. Steve Jobs isn’t your average CEO and pitchman. Jobs’ eccentricities and mannerisms allow him to describe Apple’s […]

Wozniak Says Android Will Win in the End


So, Steve Wozniak says that Android will eventually be the winner instead of Apple’s iOS. I think it is time to stop pretending like there is still a race when it comes to Google’s Android vs Apple’s iOS handset wars. Not just because of Steve Wozniak’s words, but because it was obvious, even before Android […]

I Hope Woz is Wrong…


Steve Wozniak is a brilliant guy and someone that’s tough for geeks not to love. While the Woz while he was en route to judge a high school robotics competition, he made some remarks to Business Week reporter Dan Lyons that are way off. In response to Lyons asking if he thinks the iPad will […]