Grading My 2012 Predictions


*+-Things moved quickly on some fronts in the mobile tech world in 2012. On some fronts, not quickly enough. And there were even a few areas where things seemed to be stagnant. We had successes, we had failures and we had just about everything in between. Apple, Google, and Microsoft dominated the mobile tech news, […]

Steven Sinofsky Leaving Microsoft Shortly After Windows 8 Release


*+-Microsoft software honcho Steven Sinofsky is leaving the company according to a New York Times report. Here is the Microsoft press release on the news. According to that report his departure was a mutual decision between Sinofsky and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The news comes just three weeks after the launch of Microsoft’s new operating […]

Part 2 of How Microsoft Killed the Courier Tablet

Microsoft Courier Tablet PC – Fresh Look (7)

*+-Yesterday we linked to Jay Greene’s CNet post that offered up some background on how Microsoft made the decision to end the life of the Courier Tablet. As promised Greene has a part 2 up today. Both posts make for good reading, although Part 2 is more about the background and the differences between J […]

Building Windows 7 – A Developers Perspective


*+-If you have not been following  Microsoft’s Engineering Windows 7 blog, I’d encourage you to do so. Steven Sinofsky,  the head honcho  on Windows 7, and his team are posting some fascinating articles on User Access Control, Desktop Search, and much more. Background info geeks like us love to read. I’ve really enjoyed this inside […]