New Leaked Google Play Store UI May Hint at the Future of Android


A new version of the Google Play Store had leaked, and Droid-life had installed the new storefront, which takes us to a major version 4.0 upgrade, that shows a more refined UI and may hint at the future direction of Android. Potentially, given the timing of the leaked Play Store, Google may have future changes planned […]

Samsung Canadian Retail Store Inspired by Apple


Apple and Samsung had accused each other of copying one another’s designs on technology on each company’s respective smartphones and tablets, but now Apple may have one more thing to complain about. Samsung had recently opened up its first retail store in North America located in Metrotown, Vancouver in Canada, and the store’s simple and […]

Apple 2.0 Retail Strategy Calls On iPad to Sell Other Products

Apple store ipads

As part of the tenth anniversary of Apple entering the retail business with retail stores, the company is now utilizing its iPad tablets as part of its signs and information display to provide information, specs, and other relevant product information of the products that they are trying to sell. Essentially, iPads are now replacing paper and printed […]