Dell Streak 10 Pro Poses for Picture Before China Release This Week


Dell will be rounding out its Android-powered Streak lineup with a 10-inch Streak Pro launching in China later this week. The device was pictured with the 5- and 7-inch Streak tablets and shows that the 10-inch model will be running Android Honeycomb upon launch. It’s unclear if and when Dell intends on making the Streak […]

More Dell Streak Pro Tablet Features Revealed

Dell Streak Pro?

Last we heard from the Dell Streak Pro, it had just got its name and also had some of its specifications leak out. Today, some new information about Dell’s upcoming tablet has leaked out that paints a vivid picture of what we’re going to see at some point this summer. The Dell Streak Pro is […]

Dell 10-Inch Android Tablet Will Be Called Streak Pro

Dell Streak Pro aka Dell Gallo

Until today, it had been unknown as to whether Dell’s upcoming 10-inch Android tablet would fall into its Streak line of devices. Well, that question has been answered by a leaked document that says that the device’s name will be, drum roll, the Dell Streak Pro. That’s right, this summer, Dell will be releasing a […]