NVIDIA Shield TV Review

nvidia shield tv with remote and game controller

Ever since Google announced that Android TV would replace Google TV, streaming TV fans got excited, but the first round of devices lacked power. Other companies like NVIDIA came to the rescue with the NVIDIA Shield TV and saved Android TV from mediocrity¬†seen in the¬†first round of Google TV boxes. The NVIDIA Shield TV packs […]

T-Mobile Brings T-Mobile TV Subscription App To iPhone

T-Mobile TV for iPhone

T-Mobile TV is now available in the App Store, bringing a streaming TV option to iPhone users willing to pay the subscription fees. T-Mobile TV gives users access to content from a wide range of TV channels, including live streaming shows, previously aired shows and clips from shows and new programs. To access most of […]

Aereo’s Live TV on iPad, Roku Service Deemed Legal


Today Aereo scored a major victory when a U.S. Appeals Court ruled there is nothing illegal about the way the service delivers live streaming TV to the iPad, iPhone, Roku and computers. The case against Aereo came from ABC, FOX and other network TV stations. The networks claimed Aereo’s TV streaming service should count as […]

Aereo Will Bring Live TV To iPads In 22 More Cities Soon


Today at a conference in CES Aereo announced that it will bring its live TV streaming options to 22 more cities in 2013. Aereo is currently only available in New York City, where the company lets users access antennas stationed in the city so they can watch over-the-air TV content from their iOS device or […]

Comcast Launching Android Netflix Rival


Cable TV provider Comcast is looking to expand into the streaming video subscription model that’s being led by Netflix with a service called Xfinity Streampix that may launch with Android support in the coming year. Details for the service are not yet available, but Comcast may be able to offer a competitive advantage over Netflix […]