Samsung Galaxy Note Converges Tablet and Phone Into One

GALAXY Note_45(1)

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note at IFA 2011 today during a press conference. Part phone and part tablet, the Galaxy Note is designed to meet all of your mobile needs. The big news here is that the device features a stylus for note taking, drawing and marking up images. I got to spend some time […]

Will Samsung Introduce a Tablet With a Stylus at IFA?


Samsung’s IFA unveiling may have been revealed prematurely as it is discovered that Samsung will be introducing three new products at the German trade show–a Galaxy Tab 7.7 slate, a Bada OS-powered Wave 3 smartphone, and an unknown device that goes by the Samsung Note moniker, as This is my next unfolded. At this point, […]

HTC Quietly Unveils Sense UI on Honeycomb Tablets


Skipping a formal announcement of the proprietary HTC Sense user interface, Taiwanese smartphone- and tablet-maker HTC has uploaded several images of what appears to be Sense and the HTC Scribe functionality on top of Google’s Honeycomb tablet operating system on its developer’s portal. is now live with images of what inking on Honeycomb will […]

HTC Puccini Set for September 1st Launch?


It looks like HTC’s debut 10-inch Honeycomb tablet for AT&T’s wireless network in the U.S. may be set to launch on September 1st. The company has been sending out invitations to a mysterious launch event where details are not yet announced, but industry insiders are speculating that the event may see the debut of the […]

First Peek of HTC’s 10″ Tablet

Aside from Amazon’s tablet, one of the most-aniticipated upcoming Android slates is HTC’s 10-incher, codenamed “Puccini.” Today, courtesy of BGR, we have our first real glimpses of what the tablet will look like. Fans of HTC will feel right at home here, as the slate has the familiar style of the Taiwanese manufacturer. The front […]

Apple Patent Applications for The Dreaded Stylus


Remember if you need a stylus on an iPad or smartphone then you blew it. Well, that’s according to Steve Jobs. But some recently surfaced patent applications make it look like Apple might be covering its bases for the future. Keep in mind that just because a company files a patent doesn’t mean they will […]

Samsung Releases Capacitive Touchscreen Stylus for Galaxy Tab Tablets

Samsung's Conductive Stylus will keep your Galaxy Tab looking clean for $19

In order to appease more users who may want finer control of their tablets, Samsung is releasing its own Conductive Pen, priced at $19.99, which would work on the company’s Galaxy Tab Android tablets as well as any other tablet that utilizes a capacitive touchscreen, including the Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, and even the HTC […]

HTC Scribe Digital Stylus Now Bundled with Flyer at Best Buy


Perhaps responding to user outcry at the costly price of the HTC Scribe, an optional accessory priced at a whopping $80, Best Buy is now bundling the Android 2.3 Flyer tablet with the pen. Now, the $500 asking price for the tablet will include the pen so you can annotate your e-books (via the HTC […]

Bamboo Stylus Review

Pastebot 2011-06-21 11.20.18 AM

Over the weekend I posted about Bamboo Paper, an Inking and doodling App for the iPad, that Wacom is marketing along side its Bamboo Stylus for the iPad. I had recently ordered a Bamboo Stylus and it came in this morning. I like what I see and feel. I’ve used and tested quite a few […]

HTC Flyer Coming to T-Mobile USA with 3G Radio?


After Sprint, T-Mobile USA may be the second major carrier in the States to offer the Android 2.3 HTC Flyer tablet with the latest version of HTC Sense. A model of the Flyer was seen going through the FCC with GSM and T-Mobile-compatible 3G bands. Wireless Goodness says that the filing with the regulatory agency […]

HTC Quietly Rolling Out System Update for HTC Flyer


The HTC Flyer is getting a small software update over the air that is said to improve system performance, though HTC was not specific to the improvements. The software update may be rolling out in batches so fret not if you haven’t received an update notification. According to HTC, your software number should be 2.00.405.3 […]

Hands on with Inking on the HTC Flyer


Chris Davies of SlashGear has an HTC Flyer in his hands and has put up a video that demonstrates the Inking functionality for that device. He also talks about just how kooky HTC seems to be viewing the Inking and pen features it has obviously taken pains to incorporate into the device. As others have […]

HTC to Release Pen SDK for HTC Flyer, EVO View 4G


In addition to opening up the HTC Sense experience to third-party developers, HTC will also be allowing developers to tap into its active digitizer pen for the HTC EVO View 4G and the HTC Flyer tablet, the first Android tablet to come pre-bundled with a pen for notes and drawing. When HTC took the HTC […]

HTC Flyer Digital Pen to Cost $80 at Best Buy

HTC Flyer

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread powered HTC Flyer Wi-Fi tablet is currently up for pre-order at Best Buy and while we knew that the device was $499.99, we didn’t know   been how much its stylus aka digital pen would cost here in the United States. Today, Best Buy cleared that up for us as its website […]

Motorola Rumored to Launch Rugged Enterprise Android Tablet


After having launched the world’s first Android 3.0 Honeycomb consumer tablet, Motorola is gearing up to tackle the enterprise space with a rugged tablet running the Android operating system and a complementing stylus for signature capture, similar to the HTC Flyer, which is getting branded as the HTC EVO View 4G for Sprint’s wireless network. […]