Mac App Store Subscriptions Coming to OS X Mavericks

Mac App Store subscriptions

When Apple announced OS X Mavericks at WWDC 2013, they didn’t say much about a new feature in Mac App Store software inspired by iOS. Apps can start using a subscription model with in-app purchases. Developers can add subscriptions to apps that offer a service, like file syncing services¬†DropBox or SugarSync,¬†to name a couple. 9 […]

Aereo Simplifies Plans, Scraps Day Passes And Annual Subscriptions


Today live TV streaming service Aereo announced that it will simplify its plans by getting rid of the day passes and annual subscriptions in favor of two monthly payment options. The new Aereo plans start at $8 per month, which is the same as the minimum monthly payment under the previous plans. For $8 a […]

In-App Subscriptions Opens the Doors for Android


In a blog post to developers, Google announced that the Android platform now supports in-app subscription, which will allow developers to more easily monetize additional content and services to users. This would allow developers to continue to build and expand existing apps and automatically charge users for new features. Google says that developers can set […]

Newstand Joins iBooks for Your Digital iOS Reading Pleasure


At the WWDC keynote today, Apple introduced the a new app and service called Newstand, which allows users to manage their periodicals, including magazines and newspapers, on their iPad and iPhone. Users who subscribe to their favorite magazines and journals will be able to download new content as they become available automatically in the background. […]

6-Inch Apple Slate: iPad Nano or iPod Touch Max?


Although Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has shunned the idea of a 7-inch tablet form factor, noting that the display size was too small to do much useful work, the Cupertino, California iPad-maker is, however, said to be experimenting with tablets with a smaller form factor. Hot off of the rumor mill is speculation that Apple […]

Thoughts on the Apple Subscription Mess

BL cash register

I unfortunately hit a busy period and all kinds of news breaks out. Some of it is real news. Some of it is the usual speculation. Some of it is FUD. One bit of news that seems to cross all three is the news about Apple’s in-app subscription policies. There’s quite a bit out there […]