Best iPad Apps for College

College students today don't know how good they have it thanks to the iPad and more iPad apps for college than they can count, at least before completing Unders...

World Backup Day: Back Up Your Android Smartphone And Tablet Automatically

Backing up an Android phone or tablet isn't that hard and can even happen automatically in the background. We'll walk you through how to back up your apps, SMS history, settings, and even your Home screens. Remember, if your data is backed up only in one place, it's not fully backed up. Take advantage of more than one of free and inexpensive backup options listed.
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SugarSync Goes Pro

SugarSync is expanding their file sync service to the professional level with SugarSync for Business.It's basically a group version of their individual ...
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SugarSync Now For Android

Android users can now take advantage of the syncing solution SugarSync from the folks at Sharpcast. I'm neither an Android user (at the moment) nor a SugarSync ...
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Going Social With Sugarsync

I am a Sugarsync user and I have the 100 Gig account and for me personally, I really like the service.   One thing I like about using it as a backup solution is...