Samsung Prepping Full HD Super AMOLED for Galaxy Tab 8?


Samsung may be working on an 8-inch panel with a full HD 1080p display to combat the likely arrival of an updated Apple iPad mini with Retina Display later this year. According to Sam Mobile, Samsung’s Super AMOLED display with a 1920 X 1200 resolution will debut this fall at the IFA 2013 conference in Germany. […]

Samsung’s New AMOLED Display to Out-Retina Apple


Apple has created instant marketing and PR buzz when it debuted its iPhone 4 smartphone with the Retina Display in which late CEO Steve Jobs says that the naked eye cannot discern individual pixels with a 326 pixel-per-inch resolution. Since then, Android smartphone manufacturers have tried to match and out-class the Retina Display resolution beginning […]

Samsung Ramping Up OLED Display Production In Case Apple Switches From LCD


Samsung has ramped up production capacity for producing OLED displays in the event that Apple may decide to switch from rival LCD-based displays on its next-generation iOS products, which may include the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad tablet. It’s unclear if Apple would make the transition, but the Cupertino, California company has been rumored to […]

Will Samsung Celox Launch with a Super AMOLED HD Screen?


In a prior leak, we had learned that the Samsung Celox may be a re-vamped Galaxy S II device with a 4.5-inch display and 4G LTE network support, but could this device also sport a higher resolution HD 1,280 X 720 display with Super AMOLED or Super AMOLED Plus screen technology? Nothing’s known quite yet, […]

Samsung Infuse 4G Spider Commercial Makes Us Scream & Laugh

Samsung Infuse 4G Spider commercials AT&T

It doesn’t happen too often, but AT&T has put out a hilarious spider commercial for the new Samsung Infuse 4G Android smartphone featuring the high end 4.5″ Super AMOLED display that, if commercials are to be believed, will cause your coworkers to freak out. In the Samsung Infuse 4G Spider commercial, a prankster puts his […]

Samsung, AT&T Prepping Press Event, Infuse 4G Launching?

Samsung-AT&T event

With news that U.S. carrier AT&T and Samsung are hosting a press event in New York City on May 5th with product demos and speeches, it’s still unclear what the event may host. A couple possible devices that could come out of the event would either be an AT&T-compatible Samsung-made, Google-branded Nexus 4G smartphone or […]

Samsung Droid Charge to Host 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Access for 10 Devices


The Samsung Droid Charge will be able to serve as a mobile hotspot router to the most number of devices at 10, according to a leaked screenshot of the device’s training information. With the introduction of Android smartphones, carriers like Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T have capitalized on the ability of those devices to serve […]

Early Hands-On of Samsung Droid Charge Appears


An early hands-on with the Samsung Droid Charge 4G LTE Android smartphone has recently been posted online just prior to the device’s anticipated launch within the next few weeks, if speculations prove to be correct. According to Android and Me, which had gotten this early hands-on since Verizon had initially debuted the device earlier this […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Found at FCC, Launching Soon?


Samsung’s second generation flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S II, was recently spotted at the FCC awaiting U.S. regulatory approval. The updated flagship, which sports a dual-core processor from either NVIDIA or Samsung, was initially launched at Mobile World Congress last month in Barcelona, Spain. The model being seen at the FCC is also referred […]

Galaxy S 4G Coming Next Tuesday for $149 on Contract


It looks like T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth largest wireless carrier, has made the Vibrant Galaxy S successor–the Galaxy S 4G–official at Mobile World Congress. The evolutionary upgrade to the Galaxy S lineup will support the carrier’s faster 21 Mbps HSPA+ network that it is promoting as a 4G standard. In a Twitter post, T-Mobile […]

Sasmung Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 to Debut at MWC?


The next-generation successors to Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone and tablet may make a debut at Mobile World Coongress according to a leaked document showing that a Galaxy S 2 and Tab 2 presentations are scheduled for the trade show in February. According to Android Central, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 would essentially replace the popular […]

Some Variants of Google Nexus S to Use Super LCD Screens


There are reports that certain variations of the Nexus S made for specific countries will utilize a Super LCD screen. The handset was originally slated for a Super AMOLED display, much like those found on the popular Galaxy S smartphones by Samsung, but it looks like Google and Samsung are experiencing shortages of the crisp […]

Samsung Shows Off Super AMOLED Tablet Prototypes


Samsung really is bringing more tablets to the market. After the company has shown off a larger 7-inch Super AMOLED panel display, Samsung is now showing off prototypes of tablets with the mentioned screen. The new 7-inch Galaxy Tab Super AMOLED display has a slightly higher resolution than the current crop of Galaxy Tabs with […]

Samsung Bullish on 2011 Smartphone Shipments, More Tablets to Come


Samsung, which has seen success with its worldwide rollout of its Galaxy S smartphone lineup–which is available in the U.S. on all four major national carriers as the AT&T Captivate, the Sprint Epic 4G, the T-Mobile Vibrant, and the Verizon Wireless Fascinate–is projecting to sell 40 million smartphones in 2011, double the projection for 2010. […]

Super AMOLED Goes Large for 2011, a Tablet Future in Store?


Although Samsung has eschewed Super AMOLED technology on its current Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, in favor of an LCD display panel, a second generation tablet from the Korean manufacturer could very well come with a Super AMOLED display. Samsung is readying 7-inch Super AMOLED displays, though production of the larger displays–the company currently […]