Breaking Up is Hard to Do for Apple and Samsung


After having each other succeed for the better part of a decade, Apple and its business partner-gone rival Samsung is finding what Neil Sedaka had sung about in his hit song,┬áBreaking Up is Hard to Do. We’ve talked a little about how globalization is making it difficult for Apple to distance itself from its fiercest […]

Why Apple Can’t Escape Samsung: Globalization


Though Apple may be sourcing its supplies and parts for its MacBook, iPhone, and iPad from other vendors in an effort to shut out Samsung, its largest and most fierce competitor in the mobile space, Apple cannot escape Samsung’s control. The reason? Globalization. Like Apple, which has made strategic decisions and investments in key component […]

With Potential iPhone 5 Shortages, Users Should Pre-Order


If you are interested in the iPhone 5, you should pre-order the device as soon as pre-orders open up. Various unnamed sources from Apple’s supply chains are indicating that component shortages may constrain Apple’s production of the iPhone 5, meaning that given he already popular demand behind the forthcoming smartphone, inventory of the phone may […]