Tabletop Gaming: Microsoft Surface Blog talks to SurfaceScapes


Remember SurfaceScapes, the group from Carnegie Mellon turning Microsoft Surface into the ultimate tabletop gaming system? I sent them some blog love in October? Ring a bell? If not, the gist is these guys are creating an interactive Dungeons & Dragons gaming experience on Microsoft Surface, combining the tactile experience of rolling dice and moving […]

Ideum unveils massive multi-touch table


Ideum, a company that designs and builds interactive computer exhibits, has lifted the curtain on a massive new multi-touch system that will share the “Wonders of the Universe” at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee. With a 100″ surface and an 86″ viewable area is it one of the largest contiguous multitouch tables yet […]

Microsoft Surface development takes a big leap forward

Big news bubbling out of PDC (Professional Developers Conference) surrounding Microsoft Surface. First, the Microsoft Surface SDK Workstation Edition is being offered freely to everyone via the website, though the hardware needed to see if your stuff works will still set you back a few stones (or you could save a few bucks and […]

Touch & Write: surface computing with touch and pen input


We received an email the other day from a group called DFKI touting their new surface computing system called Touch & Write. My initial reaction was “eh, probably just a copy of Microsoft Surface.” Didn’t really excite me, but I kept an open mind and checked out their demo. I will state right here, right […]

Rare Touchscreen iMac Surfaces on Craigslist


While not a mobile device, our fascination with all things touch at GBM has us wanting to learn more about this rare, early generation iMac with an installed touchscreen.   The seller’s brief description tells us that these limited edition iMacs were originally used in kiosks requiring touch input.   A measly $70 OBO will […]

Pumpkin Carving With a Surface


Microsoft’s Surface team just posted a video demoing a new multi-touch app from Vectorform that allows you to virtually carve a pumpkin. Vectorform is the same team working with MSNBC and their Surface implementation. I can’t wait to see what apps get developed once folks get their hands on the Surface SDK. Video at the […]

Multi-Touch and the Election: Who Is Winning?

MSNBC Microsoft Surface

From a technology persepctive, this election might be known as the birth of multi-touch. CNN has been using a multi-touch wall, while has utilized a multi-touch  Microsoft Surface  table with an overhead to display what is being moved around. Two different approaches to accomplish the same thing: engage the audience with dynmically changing content […]

actracTable To Compete with Microsoft Surface


Obviously Microsoft isn’t the only one working on Surface Computing. The actracTable looks very similiar to Microsoft’s Surface Table and I believe uses a similar approach with optical technology. AtracSys, the company behind this calls it an interactive presenting surface. ActracSys offers a custom built solution for how you’d like to work the atracTable into […]

Microsoft: Would You Buy a Surface for $1499?


Long Zheng uncovered a Microsoft survey asking for input into a consumer-based Surface type of computer called ““Oahu” that sits on a table-top, is embedded into furniture, even in a counter top. Here is some intro text on Oahu, but head over and checkout some of the survey questions for much more detail: The following […]

It’s Not Too Early To Be Thinking About the 2009 CES Tablet PC Meetup

Oh, my how time flies. Lora Heiny is reminding us that it isn’t too late to be thinking about the 2009 CES Tablet PC Meetup. Each of the last several years we’ve seen new interest in each new wave of mobile devices including UMPCs and MIDs. Lora is interested in making sure that as the […]

SynergyNet Aims To Change the Classroom

Check out this video demonstration of SynergyNet, a multi-touch framework that runs on top of a gaming and physics engine. The research project has the following goals: Aim 1: To create a radically new technology-rich learning environment that integrates with traditional classroom layouts and collective activities. Aim 2: To design and implement a new form […]

Microsoft Surface Goes Campaigning

It looks like Microsoft Surface is going to be joining the campaign trail this fall. MSNBC is showing off a customized Surface Table running software from Vectorform. Check out the video of NBC’s Chuck Todd showing it off.   Technorati Tags: Microsoft Surface

TouchKit’s Open Source Multi-Touch

TouchKit is just that, a kit for working with multi-touch. It is both open source software and hardware that has to be hooked up to a separate computer and projector. Developed by NOR_/D, it is priced at $1580 and it might be a way for tinkerers to come up with some interesting ways to push […]

Ars Technica Posts New Video Of Microsoft Sphere

Microsoft’s Sphere project has been shown on video before. This new video posted on Ars Technica demonstrating the Sphere shows a more detailed look at the software with a brief description about how the software is integrated into the Sphere. The graphic below illustrates the necessary hardware to create the Sphere experience. Photo Browser: basic […]

Microsoft Surface Checks In At The Sheraton

Microsoft Surface is continuing to make headway into the commercial retail experience, this time checking in at Sheraton Hotels and Resorts in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. For detailed locations, follow the Read More link below. Here is run-down of the applications guests will be able to explore and experience, along with […]

Microsoft’s Sphere Demoed – Totally Amazing

SeattlePI’s Todd Bishop has some awesome video footage of Microsoft’s Sphere being demoed at the Microsoft Faculty Summit.   From SeattlePI’s story to appear on Tuesday: After months of rumors, Microsoft researchers are taking the wraps off a prototype that uses an internal projection and vision system to bring a spherical computer display to life. […]

Spherical Surface to Debut

With news that Microsoft is trying prove that the world is indeed round, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are trying to up the ante in their argument by showcasing the Spherical Surface during Microsoft’s Research Faculty Summit. I’m very interested to learn about the applications being demoed and the use cases.   […]

Panasonic Has a Touch Wall Too

Looks like Microsoft isn’t the only one working on a Touch Wall. Panasonic is showing off its Digital Wall as well. It is quite big, and according to CrunchGear it might even be cheaper than what Microsoft is planning. Check out more at Digital World Tokyo, including a very short video.       Tags: Panasonic+Digital+Wall

Microsoft Surface goes mobile?

Well, not exactly, but Microsoft Surface might play a role in changing what we consider mobile technology.   Rather than carrying our own independent, mobile devices, Surface could remove the need to carry an iPod, cell phone, laptop, PDA, and many different batteries and chargers.  Similar to the notion of the Google Desktop– not simply a […]

Things That I’m Excited About in The Mobile PC Space

The past few weeks have been the busiest ever for me. With trips to the Surface team, AMD, Dell, and Motion, my mind is crazy with everything that is going on. Here is a quick run-down on the companies and technologies that I’m most excited about and why. I’m excited about the iPhone 2.0 software […]