Surface Goes To Disney

*+-Microsoft and Disney have partnered together to bring a new attraction to Disney-goers: The Innoventions Dream Home. Checkout this video which shows the home in action, including four Surface computers acting as an interactive dining room table. You’ll also see HP’s TouchSmart system being used, too.

Video Wrap-Up on Surface

*+-I’ve been posting up a boat-load of videos regarding Surface the past few days, and plan an editorial wrap-up on my thoughts about Surface, consumers, verticals, and this new paradigm in computing the first of next week. It is an exciting new platform that goes beyond multi-touch. As someone on the Surface team put it […]

GBM Shortcut: Go Back In Time with Surface

*+-Go back in time and look at the early versions of the Surface computer, including the very first prototype built using a table from Ikea. Nigel Keam, one of the original Surface team members from five years ago, takes us on the history tour.    

GBM Shortcut: How People Interact with Surface

*+-Part of Steve Seow’s job on the Surface team is understanding how people use and interact with the Surface computer – from dragging things around to pressing buttons and more. They gather a tremendous amount of data that helps them improve the overall experience and in the end impacts what we all see, touch, and […]

“Surface” Style with the Interactive Table

*+-A comment   came into us on one of Rob’s Surface video posts that contained a link to another company, Foresee.   They are doing some work similar to the Microsoft Surface Team.   From the video below, there are lots of similarities in the image interaction, but I am sure there are also many […]

GBM Shortcut: Inside the Surface Testing Labs

*+-While meeting with the Surface team yesterday, I got an inside look at how the team stress tests their applications using automation tools and robotics. Testing a multi-touch system presents a lot of challenges, especially simulating lots of fingers interacting with the system at one time. Robin Lim and Ritchie Hughes, Software Dev Engineers in […]

GBM Shortcut: Geotagging Pictures On the Surface

*+-One of my "ah-ha" moments came during this presentation of an app written by Bogdan Popp, a Test Lead on the Surface team, during his "free time". This app spreads all of your photos over a geographical map according to their gps positioning that was stored when the picture was taken, and also allows you […]

Meet the Surface Team

*+-I’ve made several trips to Microsoft in the past years, but I think this most recent one to visit with the Surface team ranks up there as one of the best. Folks, this Surface team is totally awesome and is focused like a laser beam on delivering the best user experience ever for a totally […]

GBM Shortcut: Live Labs Seadragon on Surface

*+-I’m in Redmond for some meetings with Microsoft’s Surface team, and we had an informal meet and greet last night. During that time, we got to get our hands on the Surface and see some pretty cool stuff, one item in particular had not previously been seen outside the Surface team – Live Labs Seadragon […]

Microsoft Surface Does Vegas

*+-Well, we’ve known all along that Microsoft Surface was headed for casinos as that was one of the early rollout targets. Looks like it has hit the strip, or at least a little off the strip. Here’s a promotional video of Microsoft Surface in action at The Rio. Models come separately. Video: Microsoft Surface at […]

Windows 7 Touch Being Demoed at D6?

*+-If Mary Jo has her sources right, we might be getting a glimpse of touch and gesture support in Windows 7 courtesy of the D6 conference. More thoughts on touch and tablet here on the Between the Lines blog. Stay tuned as we follow this…. UPDATE: It’s true. The D6 blog is reporting that Steve […]

Surface Videos with Andy Wilson

*+-We got to see some of this in Redmond earlier this year,  and now Robert Scoble has some video of some of the Surface technology being explained by Andy Wilson. There are three videos and make sure you check out the third one where you can see Surface interacting with physical objects above the screen. […]

Microsoft Shows Off LaserTouch

*+-Microsoft researchers are showing off their stuff at the 4th Research Road Show, and as a part of the fun, Andy Wilson showed off a new multi-touch system that is based on a low-cost infrared camera and lasers that are used to track how a user touches a screen. Supposedly this is an inexpensive system […]

TouchWall and Plex Video

*+-Here’s a video of TouchWall and Plex in action. > And some more info from CrunchGear: TouchWall consists of three infrared lasers that scan a surface. A camera notes when something breaks through the laser line and feeds that information back to the Plex software. Early prototypes, say Pratley and Sands, were made, simply, on […]

Microsoft To Demo TouchWall and Plex at CEO Summit

*+-Microsoft is hosting the Microsoft CEO Summit beginning today for 115 CEOs from around the world. In the keynote, which will be given by Bill Gates, it looks like they will unveil TouchWall and Plex. Described by TechCrunch as “superficially similar to Surface,” TouchWall is the touchscreen itself in this Minority Report-like setup, and Plex is […]

Do-It-Yourself Multi-Touch Table

*+-Don’t want to wait for Microsoft Surface to make it to a location near you, or impatient with the pace of Surface becoming a consumer product. Why not do it yourself? Eyebeam is taking multi-touch tables open source with Cubit, and have put their info online for those who want to roll their own. Cubit was […]

Microsoft Surface in AT&T Stores

*+-Given that there are very few AT&T Stores (only 5) equipped with the Microsoft Surface table after yesterday’s launch, this video should give you a little virtual look at what you could do if there was one in your local AT&T store. >   Tags: Microsoft+Surface, AT&T

Getting in Touch With Andy Wilson

*+-Another highlight of our visit with Microsoft Research was getting to know the man behind Microsoft Surface – Andy Wilson. His office is full of adaptive interaction – a dream for people who love touch, pen, multi-touch, speech, and more. I can’t share a lot of what he showed us, but this video demonstrating rough […]

Surface at AT&T Store Video

*+-Most of us won’t have the pleasure of seeing a Surface computer in a AT&T store. However, we can live vicariously through this video demonstrating what customers in those 4 cities will touch and experience for themselves:   >>