Microsoft Buys Nokia, Lumia and Windows Phone United Under One House [Updated]


The house of Microsoft has just announced that it had acquired Nokia’s devices division. News of the acquisition comes just after Microsoft CEO has announced his retirement from Microsoft, though the move will help to further Ballmer’s vision of making Microsoft more into a devices and services company to compete with the likes of Apple […]

Windows Phone Exec Confirms No Surface Phone

Image courtesy Business Insider

Microsoft’s Windows Phone exec Terry Myerson spoke at All Things D‘s conference and once again clarified that his company will not enter the phone hardware space in releasing a Surface Phone. Microsoft had previously denied reports that it would manufacture a Surface phone after the company had entered the PC space with its hybrid Surface RT and […]

Microsoft Won’t Make A Surface Windows Phone


Despite rumors to the contrary, Microsoft won’t make a Surface Windows Phone as it has enough input in Nokia’s Lumia phones already. Speaking to Pocket-Lint Microsoft senior marketing manager Casey McGee said that Microsoft enjoys “having the variety” of Windows Phones that it currently does. McGee doesn’t see a need for a Surface phone because […]

Foxconn Could Make Smartphones For Microsoft and Amazon Next Year

Apple Foxconn China

Foxconn International Holdings has contracts with Microsoft and Amazon to create smartphones by mid-2013 for both companies according to a Digitimes report. Digitimes, which is known for its high rate of inaccurate reporting, claims new of the contracts comes from “sources from the upstream supply chain.” The two contracts will result in smartphones for both […]

Microsoft Reportedly Testing Windows Phone 8 Surface Smartphone

Windows Phone 8 launch

Microsoft is building and testing its own smartphone with Asian suppliers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Microsoft is still in early stages with the smartphone, so it’s not clear if the company intends to mass produce the phone, or if it is just testing a phone. The phone is reportedly in line with high-end […]