5 Things Microsoft Is Getting Right


According to many industry insiders the past year wasn’t a banner year for Microsoft’s sprawling set of businesses. Having squandered its place as operating-system leader, these people believe that Microsoft’s glory days are behind it. Certainly, all the news coming out of Microsoft hasn’t been great. After taking a $900 million hit because of unsold […]

As Surface 2 Launch Looms, Best Buy Begins Offering Trade-In Deals


The Surface 2 isn’t due to replace Microsoft’s Surface RT until October 22nd, but that impending release isn’t stopping Best Buy from trying to entice early Surface adopters with 95% more trade-in credit for their old device. Any user who trades in their Surface RT to Best Buy is guaranteed to receive at least $200 […]

Microsoft Sends Invites to September 23rd Surface Event

The Suface Event invitation sent to The Verge.

Microsoft will likely reveal its next-generation Surface devices at an event on September 23rd. That’s the date stamped on invitations for a press event that were sent to some media outlets early today. While the invitation itself does indicate that Microsoft plans to share more about its plans for its internally developed Surface tablets, it […]

Surface RT Upgrade to be Called Surface 2, Feature Tegra Processor


The Surface 2, a follow-up to the original Surface RT device running Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system, will feature a next generation Tegra processor and modestly improved internals. According to reports from the WinSuperSite, outside the device will appear identical to the Surface RT that shipped almost a year ago. That includes the device’s weight, thickness and […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Dock Details Surface Early

Surface Pro Review

An exact date on when users can expect Microsoft to detail its next generation Surface tablets might not yet be known but that isn’t for a lack of leaks. For a third day in a row, leaks have shared information about Microsoft’s plans for Surface accessories – this time it’s a dock. According to sources […]

Patent Filings back-up Adjustable Microsoft Surface Rumors

The Surface Pro 2 is rumored to come with more RAM, Intel Haswell Core i5 processor, and improved battery life over the first generation model it replaces.

Newly discovered patents with the United States Patent and Trade Office seem to confirm one of the rumors swirling about the next generation of Surface tablets that Microsoft makes: it’s likely the devices will have an adjustable kickstand. In the filing from October 19 of last year, Microsoft is seeking the rights to protect an […]

Surface & Bing Team Up To Make Inroads in Education


In its quest to secure a portion of the education market for itself, Microsoft seems to have pulled out all the stops, including offering schools free Surface RT devices and a custom Bing experience that is completely devoid of advertisements. A blog post announced the program and the school districts that will act as testers […]

NVIDIA Confirms Surface 2 Plans for Microsoft


It looks like NVIDIA and Microsoft may be back together again as NVIDIA has just confirmed it will be working on a second generation Surface RT tablet. In an interview with CNET, NVIDIA head Jen-Hsun Huang said that his company is “working really hard” on a Surface 2 tablet and hopes that the new slate […]

Microsoft May Have Just Hit a Sweet Spot With the Surface Tablet


Despite customer confusion between the Windows RT and Windows 8 version of the operating system and accompanying hardware, lackluster sales, and heavy competition from Apple and Google’s Android, Microsoft may have finally found a sweet spot with its Surface RT tablets. Due to slow sales and what some would call underwhelming demand for its Surface […]

Microsoft Bets Big on Surface RT And Loses Big


In a big gamble on entering both the hardware space and the competitive tablet market with Surface RT (reviewed) and Windows RT, Microsoft announced in its earnings call that it had lost nearly $1 billion as part of that investment. The company reported that it has written off a $900 million loss this quarter alone related […]

5 Things to Know Before Buying A Cheap Surface RT


The Surface RT is now on sale for $350 at Staples, and we may see a bunch of new Surface RT deals as rumors point to a far-reaching Surface RT price drop which offers a tempting cheap Windows tablet. Though it only debuted a year ago, the Microsoft Surface RT has changed the way most […]

Surface RT May See Huge Price Cut Next Week

Surface Pro Review

Reports indicate that Microsoft may be preparing to slash the price of the Microsoft Surface RT, by almost half. The Surface RT is Microsoft’s first in-house tablet, created to showcase the Windows RT operating system. Instead of lowering just the price of the cheapest device, the Surface RT with 32GB of on-board storage, Microsoft will drop its […]

Microsoft to Add to Confusion and Make Multiple Variants of Surface RT Tablets?


It looks like upcoming versions of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet, a slate computing device that runs the company’s ARM-based Windows RT operating system, may come in multiple different variants supporting multiple processors. While the initial Surface RT that’s still being sold today is shipping exclusively with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor, a future version of the […]

Microsoft Slashing the Price of Surface RT for Education


Microsoft is continuing its push to get the Surface RT tablet in the hands of youngsters and educators, this time with a huge price cut that could see the tablet go for as low as $199. Starting immediately according to a statement from TheNextWeb, the company will allow educational institutions to purchase a 32GB Surface […]

Microsoft Gives Away 10,000 Surface RT Tablets to Educators

Surface RT

Microsoft will give attendees at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference a free Surface RT as part of an effort to push technology use in the classroom. As part of the ITSE event, attendees will be provided with a Microsoft Surface RT for use at their local schools. According to the organization, that […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet Updates Bring Fixes & Features

Microsoft Surface Pro Reviews

New updates coming to Microsoft’s family of Surface tablets should address many of the issues buyers reported when trying to use the home button on the Surface RT and the built-in LifeCam on the Surface Pro. As detailed on the Surface website, Microsoft will first address the Home button issues that have plagued users of […]

Office in More Places, Outlook Coming to Windows RT Devices

outlook logo

Windows RT users will get a new way to manage their contacts, check email and monitor their upcoming event calendar when they update to Windows 8.1 this year thanks to Outlook 2013. The announcement, which capped off festivities at Microsoft’s TechEd event for IT administrators and business users, means that any tablet powered by Microsoft […]

Staples Offering the Surface RT for $399

Surface RT

Staples retail locations in the United States are offering Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet for $399. That’s according to WPCentral who visited a Staples location on Thursday to check the price of Microsoft’s tablet after noting that it had been marked down to just $399 on the company’s website. While the price has returned to $499 […]

Microsoft is Building 8-inch Surface, Says Digitimes

Surface Pro Reviews

Microsoft could be preparing to launch an 8-inch addition to its line of Surface Tablets this June, and an updated 10-inch design later this year. That’s according to Digitimes who spoke with sources inside the supply chains of Taiwan’s technology components industry. These sources have indicated this 8-inch Surface would use touch displays created by […]