Pumpkin Carving With a Surface


*+-Microsoft’s Surface team just posted a video demoing a new multi-touch app from Vectorform that allows you to virtually carve a pumpkin. Vectorform is the same team working with MSNBC and their Surface implementation. I can’t wait to see what apps get developed once folks get their hands on the Surface SDK. Video at the […]

Multi-Touch and the Election: Who Is Winning?

MSNBC Microsoft Surface

*+-From a technology persepctive, this election might be known as the birth of multi-touch. CNN has been using a multi-touch wall, while MSNBC.com has utilized a multi-touch  Microsoft Surface  table with an overhead to display what is being moved around. Two different approaches to accomplish the same thing: engage the audience with dynmically changing content […]

Get Surface SDK at Microsoft PDC Conference

Microsoft Surface

*+-I’ve been following everything Microsoft Surface since its’ grand unveiling. There is so much potential for the technology that reaches beyond the current “big table” approach. Whatever we see come out of Surface will make its way in to many other techologies. I suspect we’ll see Surface’s imprint all over Windows 7. If you are […]