Why the iPhone 6 Plus Might Pull Me Back to the Apple Fold

iphone 6 plus gold

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus looks like a beautiful piece of hardware. Apple unveiled it, and then promptly began taking record pre-orders. The phone sold so well that few outlets will get buyers a phone ordered today until some time in October. I stayed up late and claimed an iPhone 6 Plus with 64GB of […]

SwiftKey Note for iOS Arrives with Deep Evernote Integration

SwiftKey Note for iOS

To nobody’s surprise (thanks to last week’s leak), SwiftKey Note has made its way to iOS and is ready for downloading by the public. SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard replacements that you can get on Android, and now it has come to iOS, but not as a keyboard replacement (you think Apple would […]

SwiftKey iOS App Leaks Out with a “Super-Fast Typing Experience”

SwiftKey iOS app

If the iOS keyboard isn’t your cup of tea, SwiftKey looks to be coming to the rescue with a new app for iPhone that takes the popular SwiftKey experience on Android and brings it over to iOS. Mobile insider evleaks posted a leaked promo image of an iOS app called SwiftKey Note, which looks to […]

SwiftKey Keyboard 4.3 Arrives With Customization for any Screen Size

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 1.32.35 PM

The popular third party keyboard replacement for Android called SwiftKey received a big update today, offering tons of features that have previously only been available for those in their beta testing program. Detailed back in October is the newly improved SwiftKey 4.3 update titled “Layouts for Living” that will bring ultimate customization. As we all […]

SwiftKey 4.3 Keyboard Beta Brings Customization to any Screen Size


SwiftKey, Android’s most popular keyboard replacement app, received an update for beta users today promising some big changes. Being described as “Layouts for Living,” the new SwiftKey 4.3 will allow users to completely customize the keyboard as they see fit. Finally making a keyboard that will adapt to any smartphone or tablet screen size. With […]

SwiftKey Flow Adds Swype-like Gestures

SwiftKey Flow

The popular Android keyboard replacement SwiftKey will soon have gesture support to better compete with other keyboards like Swype. SwiftKey is best known for its great autocorrect and predictive text. The keyboard is smart enough to break up multiple words if the user misses the keyboard, and will recommend the next word the user will […]

Review: 10 Reasons the Galaxy Nexus is Better Than the iPhone 4S

Galaxy Nexus Better than the iPhone 4S

The best Android phones are arguably the Nexus devices which get special treatment from Google. These phones have the latest software, the best features and often the best looks. The Galaxy Nexus continues this tradition on Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network, bringing an HD display and Android 4.0 to the table. Read: Galaxy Nexus Review […]

What is iOS 5 Missing?

iOS 5 "widgets"

On October 4th Apple is holding an iPhone event where we expect to learn more about the next iPhone. Apple is also expected to announce an iOS 5 release date and share more details about the software which will come to most iPhones on or around October 12th. While details are still fuzzy on the iPhone 5, […]

5 Things the iPhone 5 Can Learn From the Droid Bionic

iPhone 4 landscape small display

The iPhone is generally thought of as a leading smartphone, one the competition learns from and copies, but this time around, there are several features that I hope the iPhone 5 learns from the Droid Bionic. The iPhone 5 is even more anticipated than the iPhone 4, but it is facing stiff competition from several […]

SwiftKey X: Android’s Best Keyboard Goes On Sale, Arrives on Honeycomb

Swiftkey x icon

After using SwiftKey X, typing on a standard Android smartphone keyboard will feel like sending emails with Morse Code. Instead of asking you to learn a new way of typing SwiftKey X focuses on a responsive, incredibly predictive experience that delivers the bet typing experience on Android. To celebrate the one year birthday of SwiftKey, […]

SwiftKey Launches New VIP Beta, Free Invites Today Only [Android]

SwiftKey VIP Beta

Swiftkey may be the best Android keyboard out there, so when the creators offered up a new beta this morning — and opened up the VIP program to anyone, we had to share it with you. SwiftKey is a keyboard replacement for Android that works on Android phones running Android 2.0 or higher which is a large […]