iPhone 4S: 5 Concerns of an Android Switcher

Android to iPhone

I didn’t think this day would come, especially without a re-designed iPhone 5, but I am finally thinking of getting an iPhone 4S. After using iOS 5 on my iPad for a long time, I am interested in trying out an iPhone as my main mobile phone. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see myself […]

iPhone to Android Part Three – Cost of Switching

Android eats and Apple

After owning an iPhone switching to an Android can be costly. I’m not talking about the initial outlay to buy the phone or even the cost of the monthly bill from my wireless carrier. Instead, there are costs like apps to replace those used on an iPhone and all those accessories. This can be the […]

Why I Won’t Be Switching to the Verizon iPhone


Reports are that Verizon will be a having a big press even on Tuesday, possibly with Steve Jobs on hand, to help introduce a new Verizon iPhone. That is exciting news for many users who might hate AT&T or need to keep a family plan at Verizon due to other contract dates. In any event, […]