Google Shows Off Apps for Glass at SXSW


Google is hyping up its Google Glass project by demonstrating how some popular apps would work on the heads-up display that’s part of Google’s wearable computing platform. The company has committed to launching its new Google Glass, which will usher in an entirely new form factor for running the free to use Android operating system, […]

Homeless Hotspots Is Not Exploitative, The People Writing About It Are

Homeless Hotspots

The idea behind Homeless Hotspot is simple and pretty smart, depending on your view. Advertising company BBH Labs, which is based out of New York, worked with a local homeless shelter in Austin, TX to provide some residents with a 4G mobile hotspot. The individuals then stand in strategic locations where SXSWi attendees might need some quick wireless access. All of the money goes directly to the homeless person with the hotspot.

AT&T Charging Lockers at SXSW 2012


AT&T has charging stations in lockers at SXSW 2012 again. What a wonderful idea. I am actually impressed. You are at a trade show and your phone starts to get really low. You don’t have time to get back to your room to charge and you don’t have time to sit at an outlet to […]

Instagram for Android Could Launch at SXSW on March 11th

Instagram Android

In a week the an influential tech savvy crowd will descend on the city of Austin for SXSW 2012, a music and tech event that is the birthplace, or coming of age, of hit new apps. While many are waiting for highlight, I think we might finally see the release of Instagram for android. (Update: Instagram for Android […]

Google Circles Social Network Not Yet (or Ever) Launching


Despite rumors of a false start for a Google-developed social network called Circles, the Mountain View, California-based search giant is denying that Circles is launching, at least not at the South by Southwest Interactive digital conference in Austin, Texas this week. In an interview with All Things D, Google’s Chris Messina, who’s closely associated with […]

Chippy Reports on Intel Mobility at SXSW

Steve ““Chippy” Paine, famous and infamous for his UMPCPortal,  has put up a couple of posts on the Intel Software Network about his experiences at SXSW carrying and evangelizing a range of mobile devices. The first post talks about what gear he carried (he had quite a range of devices available to him) but the […]

MIDMoves and MIDs at SXSW

Looks like the South by Southwest conference (SXSW)  is ready to kick off this weekend and Steve ““Chippy” Paine and Jeff (would that be Mr.. Moriarty?) from Intel are showing off a range of MIDs and UMPCs that Jeff brought along. Steve calls it a ““disgusting array of MIDs” in terms of numbers. Check out […]