Nokia Confirms Symbian Anna Software Update for Everyone by End of August


Nokia, writing on the company’s official Twitter account, confirms that the Symbian Anna software update will hit existing Symbian^3 phones by the end of August, though a more specific timeline was not given for the Nokia N8, E7, and C7 handsets. The company says that new smartphones shipping this month should come pre-loaded with the […]

Nokia Slashes Smartphone Prices in Europe to Stem Market Share Decline


Nokia is cutting the prices of its smartphone in Europe in an effort to mitigate the company’s declining market share of the high-end smartphone market. Price drops were described to be as high as 15 percent on some of the company’s flagship models, including the photo-centric Nokia N8 with its 12-megapixel camera, large image sensor, […]

New Images of Symbian Belle-Powered Nokia 700 Zeta Leak Out

Nokia 700 zeta front

New images have emerged of a forthcoming Nokia smartphone, called the Nokia 700 Zeta, which will come pre-loaded with the Symbian^3 Belle software update. The device will take a departure from Nokia’s traditional smartphone naming convention–which is currently in series right now for the N, E, C, and X series–for a simpler three-number name. The […]

Leaked Nokia N5 Reveals Entry Level Symbian Phone with Anna Pre-Loaded

Close window

Leaked images of a new, unannounced Symbian^3 smartphone shows that Nokia may be looking to refresh its entry-level Symbian lineup with a device that may be launched as the Nokia N5. The Nokia N5, as was leaked, has a slate-style form factor with a 3.2-inch display, the Symbian Anna software update pre-loaded, and a 5-megapixel […]

4 New Nokia Symbian Handsets with Symbian Belle, 1 GHz CPU


Nokia, which had been modestly conservative with its CPU clock speeds in the past due to the efficient nature of Symbian in resource requirements, is making an aggressive play in the Symbian arena with regards to specs. A leaked data sheet reveals 4 new, unannounced Symabian^3 smartphones–Cindy, Fate, Helen, and Zeta–all of which sport the […]

Nokia E6 Now Available for Pre-Order in U.S.

Nokia E6

If you’re in the United States and you have been itching to get your hands on Nokia’s E6 smartphone and Symbian Anna, well, Amazon’s got you covered because the device has shown up at the retailer unlocked and ready for pre-order. That’s right, the E6 is currently available for the paltry sum of $446. Unfortunately, […]

A Camera Phone Without Compromises: Nokia, Carl Zeiss Talk About Nokia N8


Carl Zeiss and Nokia explains why the Nokia N8 is simply the best camera phone, highlighting the materials, build quality, and technologies that go into the handset to enable a superb 12-megapixel Symbian^3 smartphone. I will admit that although I’ve never been a Symbian fan in the past–I’ve forayed into the platform with the stunning […]

2.5 Year-Old Sony Ericsson Satio the Inspiration for Google’s Next Nexus?


Google had used an un-named smartphone rendering on stage to debut its new search feature for mobile, leading many on the Internet to question if the near-buttonless smartphone is the design inspiration for the oft-rumored next-generation Nexus 3 that will succeed the Samsung-made Nexus S. However, upon closer inspection, the smartphone resembles a smartphone that […]

Symbian Belle Icons Shown in Portrait, Landscape on Nokia N8, E7


While we had previously reported on Symbian Belle, the software update that will follow Symbian Anna, previously at GottaBeMobile, we’re seeing shots showing how the icons will look on both the Nokia N8 and the Nokia E7 in both portrait and landscape orientations. The Symbian Belle update is said to be coming either at the […]

Nokia E6, X7 Now Shipping with Anna; E7, N8, C6 Update is ‘Coming Soon’


Nokia has revealed that its Symbian^3 Nokia E6 and X7 are now shipping, and both devices will ship pre-loaded with the Symbian software update called Anna, formally known as PR 2.0. Unfortunately, though the news is somewhat bittersweet for early adopters of Nokia’s Symbian^3 products like the Nokia E7, a handset with a landscape-oriented QWERTY […]

Nokia Goes Luxe with Nokia Oro Gold Edition C7


Nokia, which already operates the luxury Vertu line that rivals high-end Swiss-made watches in price and craftsmanship, is creating a high-value Nokia C7 spin-off as the Nokia Oro. The Nokia C7, pegged as a flagship consumer Symbian^3 smartphone for its affordable price-tag and more modest fixed-focus camera than the flagship Nokia N8, will be gaining […]

More Rumored Details Emerge Surrounding Symbian^3 Belle Update


After early screenshots of the Symbian^3 Belle firmware shown on the Nokia E7 had leaked last week, we’re hearing more information about the software update that could propel Symbian forward with a more modern look and feel to make it more competitive with other touch-friendly operating systems, like iOS and Android. It turns out, according […]

Symbian Anna Update Shown in Video on Nokia E7 Phone


After the Symbian Anna update was captured on the Nokia N8 hardware, a new video has surfaced showing the Nokia E7 business messaging phone, part of the company’s Communicator heritage, running the forthcoming Symbian^3 OS update. The official French language video highlights some new features behind Symbian Anna, which refreshes the Symbian^3 appearance and user […]

No Windows Phone 7 Announcement at Nokia’s May 17 Event


There were some speculations that a May 17th event hosted by Nokia in Greece may lend itself to some additional Windows Phone 7 news and a potential for a Windows Phone 7 hardware announcement, but a Twitter message by a Nokia Greece employee discredits those early speculations. According to that employee, the event will be […]

Symbian Anna Update Shown on Nokia N8 On Video


The Nokia N8 is by far one of my favorite phones for its excellent camera and sleek design, but the handset is not without fault, which is a reason why I am looking forward to when Nokia will release its Anna update for the device’s Symbian^3 operating system. Currently, the Nokia N8, even on its […]