How to Sync iBooks Across Multiple Apple Devices


It’s no secret that iBooks is a huge mess, but for those that rely on Apple’s own ebook service, it’s at least workable most of the time. If you use all Apple products exclusively, iBooks makes it easy to view your ebooks on all your devices and have them sync up so you can start […]

How To Get iCloud’s Photo Stream Working On A Windows PC

iCloud Control Panel Download Page

Now that you’ve downloaded iOS 5 to your iPad (well, hopefully…) you can sign up for an iCloud account and start syncing and backing up your data across devices. This includes Photo Stream, which automatically saves all the pictures you take on your iPad or iPhone to the cloud and to synced devices. Though iCloud […]

SugarSync Mobile Device Management Lets You Push Files to iPhone & iPad


SugarSync is upping the game in mobile device file management, making it easier than ever to send files to your iPhone via the web interface. The new Mobile Device Management feature is rolling out to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will soon be coming to the Android and BlackBerry devices. With the new Mobile Device Management […]

SugarSync for Android Automatically Sends Your Photos to the Cloud

SugarSync Photo Sync

Now that we are using our phones as cameras more often, we are beginning to amass a collection of photos on these highly mobile devices. Many users will upload a photo or two to Facebook, but not as many will back up their photos to their computer by connecting their phone with a USB cable. […]

Syncables 360 v6 makes sync simpler


Syncables, the software company that sounds like they sell “sync cables” but don’t, has released a new version of their 360 sync system. The new v6 release adds sync with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones, contacts sync, and integration with Flickr in addition to Facebook, YouTube, and SmugMug. This is addition to the ability to […]

Why I’m Now an Evernote Premium User


Despite being an avid Evernote user, I’ve been able to resist the siren call of upgrading to a premium account for several months. It’s only $45 a year or $5 a month, but I wasn’t even close to hitting the 40MB a month limit on a free account and the file restrictions weren’t that big […]

Sync Showdown: Windows Live Mesh and MobileMe

I’m taking a quick break from writing a new theatre piece called Southern Crossroads for Wayside Theatre. We’re creating this piece ourselves out of necessity due to difficult economic circumstances, but that’s not the point of the post. I’m been writing pretty much straight through for the last 56 hours or so, and drafts have […]

Why This Medical Student Likes Windows Live Mesh So Much

Windows Live Mesh is one of those products whose reach will be felt for a long time to come, especially as Microsoft begins to roll out sync features that tie in their applications (think OneNote, etc). DaveTN, a respiratory therapist about to enter graduate school, has penned a great article on why he likes Live […]

Windows Mobile and Mac Play Nice with Eltima SyncMate

One of the biggest reasons that I’ve always strayed from Windows Mobile devices such as the Palm Treo or HTC Touch was their inability to easily sync calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks with my MacBook.   Thankfully, Eltima Software has delivered an easy to use solution.   For the past week I have been using […]