T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Reappears

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Last week, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note disappeared without a trace from T-Mobile’s website. Today, the device has made its triumphant return though it remains out of the stock. T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note has resurfaced on T-Mobile’s website, just a few days after the 5.3-inch phablet went missing in the carrier’s online store and started to […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Future Remains Unclear


T-Mobile released a statement regarding the disappearing act pulled by the Samsung Galaxy Note yesterday but unfortunately, the carrier did nothing to clear up the confusion regarding the two-week old device. The carrier issued a statement to TMoNews which does little to assure consumers who bought the T-Mobile Galaxy Note and clarify the situation for […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Canceled, Galaxy Note 2 Incoming?


Yesterday, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note unexpected vanished from the carrier’s website and then proceeded to go out of stock at various retailers. And while speculation rested on a shock shortage, it would appear that the carrier has canceled the device altogether. According to Android Police, T-Mobile has, in fact, slapped the EOL (End of Life) […]

5 Thoughts on the T-Mobile Galaxy Note


Today is a big day for those who are looking for the Samsung Galaxy Note on a carrier not called AT&T. That’s because today is launch day for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note. After a lengthy wait, those consumers looking to get the 5.3-inch phablet on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network now have the option of doing so. […]

The 5 Best Android Smartphones [August, 2012]


We are approaching the fall and winter, two seasons that often prove fruitful in the Android smartphone world. Last year, we got the Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to name a few devices. This year will likely prove to be just as good. There are three big devices on […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Dead in the Water?

A Galaxy Note 2 launch in August could spell trouble for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note.

Today, T-Mobile finally revealed the release date and pricing for its version of the popular 5.3-inch phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note. However, even with its fantastic specs and obvious demand, it’s possible that the T-Mobile Galaxy Note could be dead in the water. The original Samsung Galaxy Note launched on AT&T’s 4G LTE network in […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Release Date Nears

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note release date appears close.

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note release date has inched closer as the carrier now lists the device as coning soon on its website. As noted by Phandroid, T-Mobile’s website reveals that the carrier expects to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note soon as the device is now listed with a ‘Coming Soon’ note attached to the […]

T-Mobile Confirms Samsung Galaxy Note

T-Mobile has confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note.

T-Mobile has seemingly confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note, although the carrier has yet to give the device any specific release date. A tweet from the T-MobileHelp Twitter account has confirmed the news, although the carrier remains coy about any of the specific details. The device has been rumored to be coming to T-Mobile’s network for […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Launch Takes Another Bizarre Turn


The elusive T-Mobile Galaxy Note has made an appearance on T-Mobile’s official Facebook page, even though the carrier has yet to confirm the device’s existence or give the Galaxy Note an official release date. T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note has made an official appearance on T-Mobile’s Facebook page, showing itself on a banner for a contest the […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Appears on T-Mobile’s Website

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note has appeared on the carrier's website.

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note has made an appearance on T-Mobile’s website in the form of support documents. TMoNews has discovered that support documents for the Samsung Galaxy Note have surfaced on T-Mobile’s official website and that while they are private and unreadable, it’s another sign that an announcement is on the way. Unfortunately, we still […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Release Date, Specs, News and Rumors


As of now, the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note phablet is only available in the United States on AT&T’s 4G LTE high-speed data network. However, that that might change very soon as a T-Mobile Galaxy Note appears poised to arrive sometime in the days or weeks ahead. T-Mobile has yet to announce anything official but from […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Accessories Arrive in Stores

Is the T-Mobile Galaxy Note launching soon? It looks like it might be.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note accessories have begun to arrive in T-Mobile owned retail locations which means that a launch of the carrier’s 5.3-inch phablet could be imminent. TMoNews has posted an image of a Galaxy Note accessory that has apparently touched down in a physical retail location which could mean that the carrier is close […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Makes Another Appearence

Third down from the left is the Galaxy Note for T-Mobile.

We still don’t know when T-Mobile is going to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note but at least we know that the device still appears to be in the mix for an upcoming release. TMoNews has leaked an image of a new poster that has begun to arrive in T-Mobile stores. The poster depicts a whole […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note Release Date Moved to August 8th?

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note release date likely won't come until August.

Bad news for those interested in the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note as it appears that the T-Mobile Galaxy Note’s release date has been moved all the way to August 8th. TMoNews has unearthed a document that seems to indicate that the device, which was originally thought to be coming on July 11th, might not be […]

AT&T Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Release Date Should Come Soon

AT&T would be wise to roll out the Galaxy Note ICS update soon.

The AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich release date should come soon. No, I don’t have any insider information that claims that the software will indeed be hitting AT&T Galaxy Note models any time in the near future, but I am of the opinion that it should. My reasons are quite simple. One, the […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Features Leak

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note will feature a dual-core processor.

We are fairly certain that T-Mobile is prepping its own version of the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note. However, details about some of the device’s features have remained scarce, that is, until today. TMoNews has leaked an internal T-Mobile document that reveals several of the features that have been missing from the T-Mobile Galaxy Note conversation. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Coming to T-Mobile in July?

Samsung Galaxy Note Coming to T-Mobile in July?

It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung’s 5.3-inch smartphone, might be headed to T-Mobile in July. TMoNews is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Note might be hitting T-Mobile on July 11th which means that those looking to get the massive smartphone on the Magenta carrier likely have over a month of waiting to endure. […]