T-Mobile iPhone 5 Sales Were ‘Gangbusters’

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 is in stores today.

After a weekend of iPhone 5 sales, T-Mobile is making it pretty clear that the response it’s seeing from users for its variant of the iPhone is very high. In a statement to AllThingsD Mike Sievart, Chief Marketing Office for T-Mobile said that, sales of the device had been “gangbusters” so far and that the […]

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Arrives on April 12th, Cheapest Yet

Users can pre-register for the T-Mobile iPhone 5 to pick one up on April 12th.

The T-Mobile iPhone 5 is finally official, and the up front cost is cheaper than buying the iPhone on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Starting April 12th T-Mobile will sell the iPhone 5 online and in stores for $99 up front without the need for a two-year contract. The T-Mobile iPhone 5 arrives with LTE support […]

T-Mobile Holding Event on March 26, Likely To Discuss 4G LTE


On March 26 T-Mobile will hold an event in New York City to discuss the future of the carrier, where it will likely talk about 4G LTE and its value plans. According to All Things D the carrier, which dubs itself the “un-carrier,” sent out invitations to the event today. The invite doesn’t give many […]

T-Mobile iPhone Release Date Pegged 3-4 Months

Video thumbnail for youtube video T-Mobile iPhone Release Date Pegged 3-4 Months

In last 2012, T-Mobile USA finally announced that it would be carrying the iPhone at some point in 2013. When T-Mobile originally made the announcement, it did not specify exactly when the iPhone would arrive. Finally though, those looking to snag an official T-Mobile iPhone have a tentative release date courtesy of the carrier’s CEO. […]

T-Mobile Brings Enhanced iPhone Coverage to 14 New Cities

T-Mobile today bestowed an early holiday gift upon owners of the iPhone as the carrier announced that it has lit up 14 new cities in the United States, including Boston and New York, with its enhanced 3G network. Read: T-Mobile Now iPhone Ready For 100 Million People. The carrier’s Chief Technology Officer, Neville Rey, made […]

T-Mobile Now iPhone Ready For 100 Million People


Today T-Mobile announced that it now has “4G” spectrum to support the iPhone in 23 markets, covering about 100 million people. The carrier started its plan to “refarm” its network for the iPhone earlier this year, and today it announced the changes are no live in Chicago, Reno, Nevada; Sacramento, California; Fresno, California and Southern […]

5 Thoughts on the T-Mobile iPhone

Video thumbnail for youtube video 5 Thoughts on T-Mobile iPhone

Finally, after years of rumors and speculation from analysts, the United States’ fourth-largest mobile service provider is getting Apple’s iconic smartphone. Yes, the iPhone is officially coming to T-Mobile. Earlier today, T-Mobile USA’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, confirmed that the carrier will start selling Apple products at some point next year. Taking it a step further, […]

T-Mobile iPhone Release Date Looks Good for 2013

iphone-5-black-vs-white 4

Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann confirmed today that T-Mobile USA will be launching Apple products in 2013 which presumably means that the T-Mobile iPhone and quite possibly, the T-Mobile iPad will both become a reality next year. According to Sacha Segan from PCMag, Obermann made the remarks at investor’s day meetings today saying that T-Mobile USA […]

T-Mobile iPhone Announcement Pegged for Next Week


The T-Mobile iPhone 5 could become a reality next week according to an analyst with Merrill Lynch. iPhone users are no stranger to T-Mobile, but a deal like this would mark the first time customers could buy an iPhone on T-Mobile, direct from a store. According to Fortune, Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig believes that T-Mobile’s parent company, […]

No T-Mobile iPhone 5 at Launch, But Courting iPhone Owners

T-Mobile iPhone

If dreams really do come true customers would be able to buy a T-Mobile iPhone 5 on September 21st, but a new T-mobile memo all but rules out that dream. Despite courting iPhone users with unlocked iPhones and preparing a 4G network to advertise as iPhone Ready, T-Mobile maintains a love/hate relationship with the iPhone. […]

T-Mobile 4G LTE Testing Begins This Summer

T-Mobile 4G LTE Testing Begins This Summer

T-Mobile has announced that it will begin testing its upcoming 4G LTE network this summer which will pave way for the high-speed network’s launch in 2013. The carrier outlined its plans in a blog post today saying that it plans to roll out equipment to its first 400 sites by the end of June and […]

T-Mobile to Offer More Support to iPhone Owners Starting January 30th

T-Mobile iPhone

T-Mobile is currently the only carrier of the big four here in the United States that doesn’t officially carry the iPhone. Unofficially, T-Mobile is home to more than a million iPhone owners who use the carrier’s EDGE network as their home. And starting on January 30th, T-Mobile is going to offer additional support to its […]