Microsoft Resurrecting Digital Inking


*+-For many a Tablet PC and digital inking fan the week ahead promises to be an interesting one. On Tuesday, Microsoft is holding “a small event” where it is rumored that new CEO Satya Nadella is going to unveil a Surface mini tablet along with possibly another tablet as well. Some say that might be […]

Acer Reveals Massive 27-inch 2560 x 1440 Android PC

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 12.24.23 PM

*+-Following the release of a similar product last year at CES, today Acer just announced an all-new 27-inch Android tablet PC that they hope will take over your desktop. Offering an HD monitor for regular PC users that doubles as a large Android tablet. The new Acer TA272HU 27-inch device is what you’d consider an […]

HP Refreshes Convertible EliteBook Revolve Tablet PC With Haswell


*+-HP has just launched the HP EliteBook Revolve G2, an update of the EliteBook Revolve that debuted earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show. The design is still the same, offering a modern and elegant twisting screen design on this more conventional convertible form factor, though HP has made a few quiet changes under […]

How To Replace the Galaxy Note 3 Stylus Tip (or Nib)

The Galaxy Note 3 Stylus with extra Nibs and Metal Ring

*+-In the dawn of the age of Tablet PCs there was a place where users of those devices flocked for advice, help, camaraderie, and the sharing of info: Tablet PC Buzz. In some ways it was a forerunner for this blog and for the blogging careers of quite a few Tableteers, as users of that […]

Why Microsoft Has More to Fear From Samsung Than Google


*+-Much has been said about the public battle between Samsung and Apple and the private worries of Google that its biggest partner in the Android space may shun it in the future, but Samsung may pose a bigger threat to Microsoft than the industry lets on. Many of the changes that Samsung is implementing on […]

HP Elitebook Revolve: A Windows 8 Tablet with a Twist


*+-While convertible hybrid tablets with keyboard docks are quickly becoming en vogue, HP’s Elitebook Revolve is a modern twist on an old favorite: the HP 2730p tablet PC. The Elitebook Revolve carries a design that’s more akin to the old popular tablet PCs of yore, but with striking modern lines and a lightweight ultrabook finish, […]

MobileDemand xTablet T7200 Review

xtablet-t7200-review 1

*+-The MobileDemand xTablet T7200 is a fully ruggedized Tablet PC built for professionals that don’t have the luxury of working in cozy office buildings. This tablet means business and packs a several features mobile users will appreciate. MobileDemand began selling Tablet PCs well before Apple and others popularized consumer tablets. The company builds industrial-strength tablets […]

MobileDemand Intros xTablet T7200 Tablet PC


*+-MobileDemand’s at it again with a fully rugged Tablet PC. The xTablet T7200 meets MIL-SPEC standards for durability and is built to operate in harsh environments. The tablet runs Windows 7 Professional, which means it runs the same applications users are accustomed to on their desktops and notebooks. The company introduced its first 7″ Tablet PC, […]

Is Digital Ink Making a Comeback?


*+-There are signs that Digital Ink might be making a comeback of sorts. Of course for some of us it never really faded away. For all of Microsoft’s efforts, and the efforts of quite a few passionate Tableteers in the original age of Tablet PCs, Digital Inking never really caught on except for those of […]

Keyboards Don’t Sell Tablets


*+-Attention everyone who thinks a keyboard is the key to beating the iPad: 2009 called. They want their thoroughly disproved idea that tablets need keyboards back.

The Right Productivity Tool for the Job

Ben E. Keith beer sales rep goes from a hot car to a convenience store cooler to take inventory at several stops throughout the day.

*+-People use tools all the time that aren’t really designed for the job.  A weekend painter uses a board across a couple of chairs as makeshift scaffolding. A do-it-yourself woodworker uses a hand sander instead of a power sander. In some cases, people just try to make do with what they have. In others, people […]

Why Windows 8 Is Not An iPad 3 Competitor

Windows 8 UI

*+-People excited about the possibilities of Windows 8 are already saying the iPad 3/iPad HD better watch its back because Microsoft finally has a killer OS. I’m gonna need people to step back and calm down with that talk and think about that comparison for a minute.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Rumors: Optimized for Tablet PCs?

Jelly bean Heart

*+-Our favorite rumor site is up to it again. This time Digitimes is getting everyone all excited about the next version of Android: 5.0 nicknamed Jelly Bean. However, as Android Central points out, neither the name nor the version number is even official. And a lot of the rumors on offer are pretty obvious or […]

Nokia Already Working on Windows 8 Tablet?


*+-In addition to working with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7 on its smartphone lineup, Nokia is said to have already begun work on developing a Windows 8 tablet running Microsoft’s desktop OS that borrows a lot of visual design elements from the Windows Phone 7 OS. According to Russian tech blogger and famed Nokia leaker […]

Windows 8 on ARM Shows Weakness, Not Strength


*+-No support for current Windows applications. Office is still desktop-only. Windows on ARM (WOA) is a compromised “no-compromise experience” at a time when Microsoft needs to show more strength.

Samsung Series 7 Slate Review: First Impressions

Samsung Series 7 Slate

*+-These days whenever someone mentions the word “Tablet” visions of the iPad or something similar dance in their heads. Not that long ago a tablet was something quite different: a Windows-based slate computer. Since the rise of the new idea of the tablet there have been a few Tablet PCs trying for relevance in an […]

Office 15 for Windows 8 Rumored to Lack Metro Design UI

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 9.16.20 PM

*+-With Microsoft’s camp relatively silent regarding the next version of the Office suite for Windows, there is now some speculation that Office 15 will not be fully touch-optimized as intended. The reasoning behind that, according to sources to The Verge, is that Microsoft is battling time and resources constraint. Instead of a full UI lift […]

Motion Computing Talks Enterprise Tablets and Productivity

Motion CL900 Tablet

*+-AT CES 2012 we caught up with Mike Stinson, the Vice President of Marketing for Motion Computing, a Tablet PC manufacturer known for rugged and work friendly tablets. We’ve looked at how company’s like SAP are expanding tools and deploying Android tablets and the iPad into the Enterprise segment, but sometimes a consumer tablet just won’t cut […]

GMail IOS App Update Now Allows You To Ink Your Emails Kinda, Sorta


*+-Yesterday Google released an update to its iOS GMail App that brought new features like vacation responders, different signatures for mobile emails and scribbling. I’ll talk about the scribbling part in a second. When I posted about the App release yesterday I wasn’t seeing the little gear icon that allowed you to access some of […]