When Only Windows Will Do: 5 Windows Slates You Can Buy Today

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When it comes to tablets, Android and Apple continue to dominate consumers’ attention. But sometimes only Windows will get the job done, especially for businesses. Windows 7 tablets may not have the vast collection of  touch optimized apps, but Windows 7 does deliver a great inking experience and support for many custom and legacy apps […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Launching in 16 New Countries

BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM has announced that its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be headed to 16 new countries at some in the next 30 days. And while the company specified which countries it would be launching in, it failed to provide any specifics as to when exactly we might see it show up. Sales of RIM’s first tablet […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pre-Orders Start at Best Buy

Galaxy Tab 10.1

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in New York City, you’re just going to have to settle for pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Best Buy ahead of its release which apparently is somewhere in the vicinity of June 17th and June 20th. As you might know, the Best Buy located in New […]

HTC EVO View 4G Tablet Officially Coming to Sprint on June 24th


Along with the release date of the HTC EVO 3D smartphone, Sprint also announced the availability of its HTC EVO View 4G tablet aka WiMax HTC Flyer that will be available on June 24th, the same day that the EVO 3D makes its heralded arrival. We had known that the 24th was a likely candidate […]

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Now Shipping


Fujitsu announced today that the Stylistic Q550 Slate PC is now shipping. Starting at just $729, the Fujitsu tablet is an affordable tablet designed for businesses that need to run full Windows apps. The Stylistic Q550 slate is quite different from the Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Android Honeycomb tablets. The first and most important […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Still Coming to Sprint, Should Arrive June 5th

BlackBerry PlayBook

It looks like Sprint still intends on releasing the BlackBerry PlayBook and it appears that it intends on releasing it soon. According to remarks made by Sprint Market Director Gerald Evans – which have since been deleted – the PlayBook will arrive on Sprint in Wi-Fi form on June 5th. Here is what he said: […]

Windows 8 Touch Interface Impresses But Is It Enough?


Well, Microsoft took the wraps off their touch tablet strategy yesterday and if I had to describe the effort in one word, it would be “impressive”. They addressed several key problems with touch in Windows, including my main one. But there’s a rub that we old schoolers may not like and still unknown is how […]

HTC EVO View 4G Tablet Launching June 24th on Sprint

HTC EVO View Release Date

While Sprint hasn’t come out and revealed the official date yet, it has become apparent that the carrier will be launching its HTC EVO View 4G tablet on June 24th, the same day that the HTC EVO 3D smartphone is apparently going to hit shelves. An promotions page pulled from Sprint’s Rewards Me website seems […]

Microsoft Details Stringent Specs Required of Windows 8 Tablets


At the All Things D conference earlier, Microsoft had announced and demoed basic features behind the Windows 8 user interface, showing off the new Live Tiles UI and HTML5 and Javascript apps, but the company left some lingering questions unanswered about its strategy and how it hopes to compete with always-on operating systems like iOS, […]

Microsoft Windows 8 Details: Touch Takes Center Stage (Video)

Windows 8

Today at the All Things D 9, Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky showed off the company’s highly anticipated new Windows software, Windows 8. While the version that was shown off is still in its infancy, we got a clear look into the future of Windows which seems to be a mix of both Windows 7 […]

HP TouchPad Gets Demoed at Computex (Video)

HP TouchPad

HP has still yet to give us anything substantial on the HP TouchPad, its webOS tablet device that it announced back in February. Lucky for us, SanDisk was more than willing to show off the new device giving a detailed video tour of the tablet at this year’s Computex conference in Taipei. The video touches […]

Toshiba Kills off Plans for Windows 7 Slate, Chromebooks?


Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Toshiba had shown off a concept device that runs Windows 7 on an Intel Atom processor and utilizing a similar hardware form factor to its Android 3.0 Honeycomb Toshiba Thrive tablet. However, since CES, it looks like this concept Windows tablet will remain just that–a concept. Toshiba […]

Microsoft to Show Off Windows 8 Tablet UI Next Week?


Microsoft may be getting ready to show off a refreshed user interface and user experience for its Windows 8 tablet environment next week at the All Things Digital conference. The tablet UI will closely resemble the Metro UI on Windows Phone 7 to help users access important information quickly. News of the rumored preview of […]

Windows 8 Coming in 2012 to Usher in Separate Tablet, Slate Categories


Slates and tablets may be used interchangeably in 2011 to describe one touchscreen form factor on a larger-sized touchscreen befitting of the category’s moniker, but in 2012 when Windows 8 systems begin to ship, they’ll have separate distinctions. Addressing a crowd of developers in Japan, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer referred to the next-generation desktop-class operating system […]

New Facts About the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Slate

infinity mark

I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Moore, senior director of mobile product management for Fujitsu America (this guy), regarding the Stylistic Q550 slate due to start shipping June 3rd. Given the wealth of information already released about this Windows 7 tablet, I figured there wasn’t much new to cover, but I learned more […]

Bill Gates Says “The PC Is The Tablet”. Is He Right?

Photo courtesy Microsoft

In an interview with the BBC about his philanthropic work, Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates was asked about something non-philathropic: living in a post-PC era of smartphones and tablets. His response? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t a surprise.

Fujitsu Lifebook T901 Tablet PC on Sale Now


Yesterday, Fujitsu announced the follow-up to their T900 convertible, the Lifebook T901 Tablet PC. While it is a straightforward spec-bump in many respects, there are a few notable changes, including five-finger gesture support and optional NVIDIA Optimus graphics.

More Dell Streak Pro Tablet Features Revealed

Dell Streak Pro?

Last we heard from the Dell Streak Pro, it had just got its name and also had some of its specifications leak out. Today, some new information about Dell’s upcoming tablet has leaked out that paints a vivid picture of what we’re going to see at some point this summer. The Dell Streak Pro is […]