Bill Gates Still Talking Handwriting Recognition

On a recent appearance with Jimmy Fallon to promote his philanthropic work, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was asked about not only the philanthropic work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but also about his insights in to the tech world. Fallon asked Gates what his hunches were for the next big thing. Not surprisingly […]

Tablet PCs the Right Choice for Rugged World


The iPad and other consumer tablets are great for some tasks, but they’re not the right tools for every job, especially those that take users into rough environments. Rugged Windows Tablet PCs, such as the newly introduced MobileDemand xTablet 7200, are professional-grade and purpose-built to stand up to serious abuse. Most tablets are designed to […]

What’s Hot in Notebooks and Tablets for the Week of Feb 18th


Another week is behind us which means another week of tech news and reviews to keep up on. We’ve rounded up the most popular news, how tos and reviews of the week from and GottaBeMobile to make sure that you know what’s happening in the world of notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Hot News from […]

How I use a Tablet PC


Xavier mentioned in my intro that I am lucky enough to have access to all kinds of Tablet PCs on a daily basis. And I do enjoy getting to try out so many different Tablets. When Xavier asked me to write about how I use a Tablet PC, I have to admit that I had […]

Looking at Tablets From Other Players


UMPC Portal has the best database of web centric Tablets that I’ve seen. Intriguingly it leaves off more traditional Tablet PCs from the likes of Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu, Motion, MobileDemand, TabletKiosk, and others. That said, it’s a good roundup of what some manufacturers are hoping (against hope?) that can grab some of Apple’s coat tails […]

Predictions 2010: Warner’s Take

I’ve just finished dusting off my crystal ball and the psychic I hired just left my office, so I guess I’m ready to make my predictions for 2010. I fared pretty well on my 2009 predictions, but that doesn’t mean much of anything going forward.  One thing for sure is I think 2010 is going […]

Mobile Conundrum: One Device or Multiple Devices?


The quest for a “one device to rule them all” probably still exists for many who like to consume or create their data on the go. I have to admit, it still does for me. But, with the coming wave of eBook readers, multi-touch PMPs, the rebirth of UMPCs, and other small mobile devices, it […]

Fujitsu ST6012 Tablet PC Arrives, First Impressions

st6012 tablet pc

Upon returning from a trip down south, I was pleased to find a box from Fujitsu waiting patiently for me. As any geek worth his salt would do, I immediately opened it up and was pleased to find an ST6012 Tablet PC! I’ve only had the ST6012 for a couple of days, but my initial […]