TAG Heuer Crafts Luxury Racer Android Smartphone for Performance


TAG Heuer is ready to enter the premium phone market with its own Android smartphone model called the Racer, a phone that’s crafted with materials such as carbon fiber and titanium. In a promotional video for the smartphone, the house of Heuer dubs the Racer as a ‘breakthrough in Swiss communications,’ Not much is revealed […]

TAG Heuer Brings Luxury to Android with New Link Smartphone

TAG Heuer LINK Perspective Tag Heuer Link Smart Phone   Exclusive Debut

If you’re sick of the cheap, plastic build of your current Android smartphone, perhaps you’ll be intrigued in Tag Heuer’s $5,000 Link phone creation, which melds luxurious metal, alligator leather, Gorilla Glass screen, and more. Puzzling, though, is why Tag didn’t go with a sapphire crystal screen considering the company’s legacy in making watches. Dubbed […]