iOS Apps That Touch You In All The Right Places


Last week Kevin brought the new iPad App, Paper, to your attention. The day before that I gave a “not ready for prime time” review of Taposé. Both of these Apps deserve recognition. Not just because they sprung from some of the minds that were behind the Microsoft Courier project, although there is something to […]

Review: Taposé Not Ready for Prime Time

What I Like and Dislike About the New iPad

Talk about disappointing. Yesterday those who had been following the news about the Microsoft Courier-like iPad, Taposé, were excited to see, that after several rejections, Apple had approved the App. There were quite a few eager beavers itching for the download, myself included. Well, as it turns out Taposé is still an exciting concept, but […]

Courier-Like iPad App, Taposé Rises Again and Available Soon


Well, well, well. All good things come to those who wait, and apparently have persistence. Taposé , an iPad App that I and many others were interested in has had a tortured journey, but it appears it will be available later tonight on the App Store. The App had been rejected by Apple, three times […]

Courier Like iOS App Taposé Rejected by Apple


I’m sure there are still memories of the Microsoft Courier around here. It was kind of a “holy grail” and unicorn all rolled up into one. Awhile back we mentioned an iOS App called Taposé. All the hype from the company talked about this App bringing a Microsoft Courier Experience to the iPad. The demos […]

Taposé: Microsoft Courier for the iPad?


Yesterday in the post highlighting Jay Greene’s articles on how Microsoft killed the Courier Tablet, I mentioned Taposé. Taposé is a forthcoming App for the iPad that is supposed to provide Courier like functionality. It kicked off as a Kickstarter project, got funding through that method, and is scheduled to debut around Thanksgiving. Obviously I’m […]