iPhone 5 Teardown Reveals a More Repairable iPhone

parts iphone 5

We Geeks like to see iFixit tear down all the latest gadgets and they already did so with the new iPhone 5, showing off the guts of Apple’s new flagship handset calling it “the biggest thing to happen to teardowns since teardowns.” The best news to come out of the video is that the iPhone […]

Take a Peak Inside Apple’s new EarPods


Normally a tear down of a pair of earbuds wouldn’t warrant a post on a blog not related specifically to earbuds, however the new Apple EarPods mark a significant upgrade in quality and comfort from many early reviews. The new Apple EarPods ship in a small carrying case, even the pair included with the iPhone […]

iFixit Teardown Reveals Replaceable SSD Hardwired RAM


iFixit already tore apart a new MacBook Air and found that the SSD can in fact be replaced. I tested an SSD upgrade on my 2010 MacBook Air and it is not that hard. It was rumored that the new models would have storage hardwired to the mainboard just like the RAM, making the flash […]