Mac Pro Teardown Reveals Surprising Upgradability

Mac Pro teardown

The new Mac Pro from Apple has received an official teardown from the folks at iFixit, and the new machine received a glowing score of 8/10, making it one of the highest-scoring teardowns of an Apple product that we’ve seen in a while. One thing that has been great about the Mac Pro is that […]

Xbox One Kinect Gets Its Own Proper Teardown


The Xbox One Kinect sensor is pretty unique, and it’s the first time that Microsoft used in-house technology for the Kinect (previously, a company called PrimeSense worked on the Xbox 360 Kinect). While the new Kinect is essentially a part of the Xbox One console (as it comes with the system by default), the folks […]

Xbox One Gets Dissected, Reveals Replaceable Hard Drive


Following the dissection of the PlayStation 4 last week, the Xbox One is getting its turn on the surgical table by the folks at iFixit, and much like Sony’s gaming system, Microsoft’s console is fairly easy to take apart. All it takes is a bit of prying to take off the side grille and then […]

PS4 Gets Teardown Treatment, Is Not an iPad

Screenshot 2013-11-15 10.50.11

As expected, the PS4 is now in the hands of the folks at iFixit, and they took the brand-new gaming console and did what anyone would love to do: tear it down to it’s very last component. We’ve been hearing a lot from iFixit lately — mainly because there’s been a lot of new Apple […]

Nexus 5 Teardown Reveals Modular Design and Minimal Glue

Screenshot 2013-11-05 11.54.00

As expected, iFixit has gotten a hold of the Nexus 5 and tore it down to its bare bottom. What the folks found was an overall very easy device to tear down and put back together. The Nexus 5 barely uses any glue on the inside (unlike the iPad air, which is quite the sticky […]

iFixit iPad Air Teardown Reveals Obvious Low Repairability Score

ipad air

As always, the brave folks at iFixit have gotten a hold of the new iPad air and immediately threw it up on the surgery table to see what’s inside. The iPad’s design has stayed relatively the same through three generations, but this time around, the iPad air has an all-new look, which makes us curious […]

Apple Earns Big Profits on Each iPad mini


The iPad mini costs Apple $188 to make, according to a teardown by IHS, leaving a potential profit of $141 for the WiFi only iPad mini, according to a report from All Things D. Apple sells the iPad mini for $329, $130 more than the lowest cost Google Nexus 7 Tablet and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Both […]

Microsoft Surface RT Torn Down, Deemed Difficult To Repair

Microsoft Surface Teardown

As with any major new device, now that Microsoft’s Surface RT is available iFixit has a new teardown to show the inside of the device and see how easy it is to repair. To disassemble the Microsoft Surface RT iFixit had to remove a total of 17 Torx screws from under the kickstand and the camera […]

HTC One X Teardown Shows Off Internals

HTC One X Teardown

These days there’s an expectation for gadget teardowns. Today the we see the HTC One X torn apart so we can all see what’s inside. Chinese website PCOnline gave the international version of the One X a teardown, which is surprisingly simple given the phone’s design. The HTC One X’s unibody design means no replaceable battery, and no screws […]

iPad 3 Predictions from an Apple Insider

iPad 3 design

Apple is expected to launch a new iPad in March or April, likely called the iPad 3. There are a number of iPad 3 rumors around that help paint a picture of what will make the iPad 3 different from the iPad 2. Rumors are great, but intelligent iPad 3 predictions from a man who […]

Kindle Fire Teardown and Repair Directions

kindle fire teardown

The folks at have a teardown video on YouTube for the Kindle Fire. (Yes, another one.) If you’ve ever wanted to see the guts of a Fire (or the BlackBerry PlayBook, for that matter), check it out. They’ll also show you how to replace the screen and other components if you ever need to. […]

iFixit Tears Down The Motorola Droid RAZR

iFixit teardown Driod RAZR

iFixit has posted another teardown of a fancy new phone. This time it’s the Droid RAZR we just reviewed. Since this smartphone boasts of it’s thin-ness, it’s interesting to see just how Motorola packed all the hardware in. (I still think it runs on pure fairy dust.) One of the best pictures in the bunch […]

HTC Thunderbolt Gets a Teardown & Repair Video from Tears Down HTC Thunderbolt

If you’ve broken your HTC Thunderbolt or just enjoy watching tear down videos, check out the video of the HTC Thunderbolt going under the screw driver, as it is dissected to replace a broken screen. No one wants to open their phone like this since it voids your warranty, but if you broke your screen like […]