Tyype HD for iPad Uses Gestures For Easy Text Editing

Tyype HD

We’ve seen a few concept videos of gesture-based text editing apps on the iPad recently. Tyype HD is yet another gestured-based text editor, but this one is actually available in the App Store. Tyype HD uses a number of one-, two-, and three-finger gestures to make it easier for users to select text and move […]

SlideWriter Bringing Better Text Selection to iPad (Video)

SlideWriter iPad text editor with better test selection

Selecting and editing text on the iPad is a pain, but a new app called SlideWriter aims to make it simple. Last week Daniel Hooper’s iPad text editing demo showed an easy way to select text on the iPad. Over the weekend, hackers released an iPad jailbreak appĀ that offers this functionality to jailbroken iPad users, […]