How to Add Words to the Dictionary on Android

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Typing on our smartphones and tablets has improved immensely over the past few years. Google’s own keyboard is getting smarter and smarter, and third party alternatives like SwiftKey and Swype are excellent. However, there is a dictionary on Android it tries to follow, and as a result some words or names always get corrected, even […]

Real Doctors Just a Text Away for $9 Per Month

Text a doctor night or day to get medical advice for just $9 a month.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could text a doctor anytime of the night to find out if you need to be worried about your child? Concierge doctors and on call physicians are expensive, but for just $9 a month moms and dads can text a doctor and get medical advice 24/7. First Opinion is […]

Motorola Assist Update Delivers Hands-Free Texting

Motorola has an array of apps on the Google Play Store the company has been updating on the fly, enabling them to improve its smartphone lineup without issuing software updates through carriers. One of the many is Motorola Assist, which just got a neat new feature. This week Motorola Assist received an update through the […]

Safety Mode Saves Texting Walkers From Injury and Internet Fame

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We’ve all done it, or seen someone do it. That moment when you or a friend is walking along, texting away on their smartphone or updating Facebook and runs into another person, a pole, or just does something that makes them look silly. There’s now Android phones with a special “Safety Mode” to stop exactly […]

How to Stop iMessage Spam on Your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac

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Spam is a sad reality of the digital marketing age, and it can crop up anywhere, even in Apple’s popular iMessage service. And while SMS spam, or junk text messages, is annoying enough, the problem with spam sent on Apple’s messaging service is that it doesn’t even require a telephone number as iMessage is available […]

The iMessage Benefit: Up to $400 Million in SMS Cost Savings Daily


In its earnings call, Apple had announced that its popular iMessage messaging service has been quite the success, transferring over 2 billion messages daily to over 500 million iOS devices. iMessage can be sent between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac devices. The service, which replaces traditional text (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) for many […]

Apple Urges iPhone Owners to Use iMessage in Response to SMS Security Flaw


Late last week, a newly discovered security flaw on iOS–which extends to the most recent iOS 6 beta 4 operating system currently being seeded to iPhone developers at this time–shows that a glitch in the way Apple’s mobile operating system could lead users to click on malicious links sent through text messaging. Hacker pod2g demonstrated that […]

Privacy Concerns Lead IBM to Ban Siri At Work


Though employees can still bring their iPhone smartphones to work, IBM’s recently issue policy bars employees from using Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature at work. According to IBM, the reasoning for the ban is due to Siri sending user’s spoken queries to Siri to a remote data server to process speech to text and then […]

Teens Admit Texting While Driving is ‘Impossible’ (Video)

Texting while driving PSA

Texting and driving is a major problem for teens and adults. The temptation to fire off a fast text or check an incoming message while behind the wheel is too much for many to ignore. We’ve seen gruesome anti-texting while driving ad campaigns and somber anti-texting ads before, but a new campaign from a Belgian […]

3 Steps to a Cheaper Cell Phone Bill

clean up cell phone plan

Every few months I suggest taking the time to check your cell phone plan to make sure it fits your needs. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile lock users into two-year contracts, but that doesn’t mean the monthly bill is locked. Users can change most plan options, features and add-ons without extending the contract. Saving just $10 a month on a […]

iPhone 5 Tester Text Message is Spam

iPhone 5 Testers Text message

If you received a text message asking you to be a part of the iPhone 5 test program, don’t respond to it or follow any links contained in it unless you want to get spam until you change your number. Numerous users are reporting text messages from a variety of numbers asking them to join the iPhone […]

How To Update Your Facebook Status With Siri

How to post to Facebook with Siri

The brand new iPhone 4S comes with Siri, an amazing personal assistant that can do a lot of things by voice command. Unfortunately, Siri is still in the early stages of development, which means it cannot access your apps and every part of your iPhone. I showed you how to tweet with Siri, and now, […]

How To Tell If You’re Sending an iMessage or a Text on iOS 5

iMessage iOS 5 iPhone 4S

iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S have only been out for a short time, but I’m already getting asked a lot of questions about the new iMessage app. Common questions include, “Why there are green bubbles and blue bubbles?” and “Why can’t I send iMessages to a friend’s iPhone?” These are all good questions, and I hope to help […]

Where We Text Message: Bed, Bath and Beyond [Infographic]

Where Are You Guilty of Text Messaging Infographic Tatango

Text messaging is one of the most common smartphone activities out there. Given the prevalence of our phones and the integral role they play in our lives, it’s not surprising that we text message in a number of places where phone calls are not only frowned on, but might be cause for removal. Tatango, a provider of SMS services, […]

Siri Bombing: Can We Stop This iPhone Epidemic?

siri-iphone-4s- 15

Siri is a personal assistant app for the iPhone 4S that can respond to a number of commands. Aside from asking Siri what the weather is, you can have Siri send text messages to others. This is one of my primary uses for Siri so far, but as I learned this past weekend, it can […]

What Happens to Text Message Use After an Earthquake [Graph]

Text Message Traffic NY and DC Earthquake

On Tuesday, a major earthquake shook the East Coast, causing structural damage in some areas and bringing cell phone networks to their knees in others. We shared our tips for communicating after an emergency. One of our tips was to use text messages to communicate because they place less strain on the network than voice […]

How to Update Twitter and FaceBook Via Text

How to update Facebook via Text

If you have a smartphone, there is normally an app or mobile website to let you easily update your social network status, but if you can’t get connected to the Internet you may want to be able to send a status update via text. This is handy for many situations, including after an emergency like […]

Cell Networks Buckle After Earthquake: How To Work Around Their Failures

Earthquake warning

Virginia just experienced a 5.9Magnitude earthquake which was felt throughout the East Coast up through New York and over into Ohio. Several of our writers experienced the quake in a multitude of ways. After the shaking died down, there was a common topic among our Twitter followers — the failure of cell networks. We don’t […]

Gmail Adds TXT – Again


Gmail has just added the ability to do text messaging from the chat window.  Text messaging was actually supposed to come out a few weeks ago, but was pulled at the last second because of a glitch.  I tried it out with Warner and it seemed to work just fine now – when he replied, […]