5 Best Android Text App Alternatives


With online messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat getting more and more popular, not to mention Facebook Messenger, millions of Android users all still likely use regular text messaging apps. Manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have their own messaging apps, but if you don’t like your stock option, there are plenty of alternatives available. Whether […]

Text to 911: What You Need to Know

2014-05-16 10.24.19

Up until just recently, those in danger had to dial and call 911 in order to report an emergency, but users can text it now, thanks to all of the major carriers who have launched support for it, as well as a handful of 911 call centers across the US. If you’re unable to call […]

Safety Mode Saves Texting Walkers From Injury and Internet Fame

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 4.47.49 PM

We’ve all done it, or seen someone do it. That moment when you or a friend is walking along, texting away on their smartphone or updating Facebook and runs into another person, a pole, or just does something that makes them look silly. There’s now Android phones with a special “Safety Mode” to stop exactly […]

Sending a Text to a Driver Could Also Put You at Risk

Pond5 Stock Media Texting While Driving

Texting might have already made it to most parent’s list of things to instruct their teens not to do when operating a car, but what about texting others while they are driving? According to a decision handed down in New Jersey, with the right evidence those texting drivers could also be liable in a lawsuit […]

Checking Smartphone Maps While Driving Now Illegal in California

California Texting Ban

A court in the State of California ruled that using a smartphone to check map apps while driving was illegal. As a result, som people are concerned about how this will affect their experience behind the wheel. But while it seems like this law would ban all smartphone usage while driving, phone manufacturers already have […]

Woman Falls Off Pier While Texting


Texting and Driving. Texting and Walking. Tweeting and Driving. All Bad! While you might want to chuckle, it’s a pretty serious issue. Not paying attention while fiddling with your phone could cause something much worse than taking a swim without warning. Imaging walking in downtown New York just texting away and you don’t realize that […]

12 Days of Texting: The Busiest Texting Days of 2011


Testing isn’t just a common activity, it is the preferred method of communication for millions. It’s no surprise given the ability to message multiple people much faster than you could in a phone call. Texts of congrats, Happy New Year and “Did you hear the news?” Based on the text messages I received from my parents this year, the preference to text is […]

NTSB Recommends Nationwide Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving

HTC Rezound

The United States’ National Transportation Safety Board, in an unanimous ruling today, recommended that states ban all cell phone use by those sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle, except for in emergencies. The ruling is in response to a deadly crash last year in Missouri where the driver of a pickup truck sent or […]

Teens send tons of text messages, do you?


According to study by Nielsen teens in the U.S. average 3,339 texts a month. That’s a bunch of text messages. Let’s say you have a teen in your house and you don’t get them unlimited texts, you might be shocked to find a bill in the neighborhood of $334.00 in one month. That’s a lot […]

Beat the System with Google Voice


Am I the only person in America who thinks wireless carrier’s plans are purposely difficult to understand and too costly?  Data plan caps, tethering, ETFs and a lot of other lingo often prevent folks from considering phones with data plans.  I wasn’t surprised during a recent visit to Best Buy when I examined wireless carrier’s […]