Your Starbucks App Could Be Draining Your Bank Account Dry

What you need to know about Starbucks app fraud that can reach right into your bank account.

The Starbucks app is the key to a new scam where thieves are stealing money from your bank account or Paypal by hacking into the Starbucks app that sits on your iPhone or Android and sending out gift cards. In this new scheme criminals rely on weak passwords to login to your Starbucks account on […]

Android & iPhone Theft: When it Happens & How to Stop It

Android and iPhone theft is a big problem. Here is when and where it happens most and how you can stop it.

iPhone theft and Android smartphone theft is a growing problem for smartphone users that rely on their smartphones to hold life moments, banking information and much more. A new survey of smartphone owners show a majority of theft victims would likely pay $500 to $1,000 just to get their photos and data back. We’ll take […]

iOS 7 Endorsed by Law Enforcement, Upgrade Now.


New security changes implemented by Apple in the latest iOS 7 software update have gained the praise of law enforcement officials with the local District Attorney George Gascon of San Francisco going as far as urging people to upgrade to the latest software update as soon as possible. The security features make it harder, if […]

Thieves: Don’t Even Try to Steal a Galaxy S4


At the CTIA trade show, LoJack had announced that its mobile security software will be launching soon for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 that will help users recover a lost or stolen phone. The difference between LoJack’s solution versus others on the market–like Apple’s popular Find My Phone for iPhone and iPad devices–is that LoJack will […]

Violent Cell Phone Thefts On the Rise in U.S.

Map of violent cell phone thefts in San Francisco

Smartphone owners should be more wary of their surroundings, especially in major metropolitan areas as cell phone and smartphone thefts are on the rise. But it’s not just cell phone thefts that concerns us, it’s that these thefts are sometimes violent and may come with violent threats. IDG News Service reported that in San Francisco, […]

Top Cops Charge Apple With Failing to Prevent iPhone Theft

Find my iPHone

According to those in charge of fighting crime in the United States’ largest cities, smartphone manufacturers like Apple, aren’t doing enough to prevent the theft of their users devices. That’s the gist of a report from the New York Times, as they took an in-depth look at the growing problem of cellphone theft and how […]

Thieves Steal $1.5 Million of iPad minis From JFK Airport


A group of thieves stole 3,600 iPad minis from a recent shipment at JFK airport in New York according to the New York Post. The thieves stole the iPads from a shipment that just arrived from China through a company called Cargo Airport Services. They arrived at Building 261 around 11 p.m. and loaded two […]

Like Taking an iPhone From a Baby (Video)

Man steals iPhone from baby

Security cameras at a clothing store in England caught a man reaching into a stroller to take an iPhone away form a 20 month old baby. The child’s mother handed her the iPhone to watch Barney while she shopped for clothing, something that’s not out of the ordinary with so many apps and videos for kids. […]