FCC vs AT&T Unlimited Data Fine: 5 Things to Know

What consumers need to know about the FCC AT&T $100 million fine for throttling unlimited data customers.

Do you feel that your AT&T data is too slow on your iPhone or Android? The FCC agrees with you and is lobbying a $100 million dollar fine against AT&T for slowing the data speeds of unlimited plan customers. AT&T no longer offers unlimited data plans, but there are still a number of users who […]

AT&T Makes Big Prepaid Push With Nationwide Deployment of Aio Wireless


AT&T-owned Aio Wireless will soon be rolling out to nationwide customers offering affordable, contract-free prepaid plans this fall. This will mark AT&T’s big prepaid push beyond its GoPhone prepaid plans marketed under its own AT&T Mobility branding as the Rethink Possible network tries to take on affordable plans from rival Sprint-owned Boost Mobile and Virgin […]

Apple Not Throttling iPhone Owners After All

Image via AnandTech

After news broke regarding snippets of iOS code that referred to throttling, there were concerns that Apple may have built software into the iPhone and iPad for AT&T Mobility, Sprint Nextel, and Verizon Wireless that would throttle users. However, closer analysis may indicate that this may not be the case. According to a new report […]

Apple to Blame For Slow iPhone 5 Internet Speeds


It’s easy to blame your–sometimes not favorite–carrier when Internet data speeds on your favorite iPhone smartphone is slow, but it appears that the culprit behind the throttling is Apple and not the carrier. Recently discovered code in the iOS operating system suggests that Apple is limiting the true speed potential of your iPhone when connected […]

New Year, New Throttling Policy for Boost Mobile


Sprint’s wholly-owned prepaid subsidiary Boost Mobile will be implementing throttling policies for data-intensive users on its mobile broadband network. Though smartphone users will still have access to the prepaid carrier’s prepaid plans, which piggybacks off of Sprint’s nationwide network, heavy data users who exceed 2.5 GB of data transfer over 2G, 3G, or 4G WiMax […]

MetroPCS Drastically Changes Its 4G LTE Data Plans

MetroPCS Drastically Changes Its 4G LTE Data Plans

MetroPCS has introduced some sweeping changes to its 4G LTE data plans today. The carrier will increase the cost of its unlimited 4G LTE data plan from $60 to $70 and it will also start throttling data on its other three 4G LTE data plan offerings. Those exceeding a specified data threshold will now be […]

Almost Half of AT&T’s Unlimited Customers Are Paying Too Much

Almost Half of AT&T's Unlimited Customers Are Paying Too Much

You may have heard. Unlimited data on AT&T isn’t exactly unlimited anymore. And while many are upset with the carrier’s new data throttling policy, with some going as far as taking the carrier to small claims court, nearly half of those grandfathered into an unlimited plan on AT&T would save money by downgrading to one […]

Will the iPad 3 Continue Grandfathered Unlimited Data With 4G?

AT&T Finally Comes Clean on Data Throttling Limits

Last year, when the iPad 2 came out, AT&T allowed customers with the unlimited data plan offered for the iPad 1 (but discontinued before the iPad 2 launch) to keep using that plan with the new tablet, much as they’ve done with iPhone and other smartphone customers. Though recently those same customers are feeling salty […]

AT&T Finally Comes Clean on Data Throttling Limits

AT&T Finally Comes Clean on Data Throttling Limits

In a statement today, AT&T confirmed that it has amended its data throttling policy, increasing the data threshold to 3GB for those using a device on its HSPA+ or 3G network and 5GB on its 4G LTE network. The decision comes just a few weeks after the carrier starting throttling the top 5% data users […]

AT&T Continues to Spin Tiered Data Plans; Offers Developers a Way to Pay for Consumer Data Charges


After having created an uproar by eliminating the unlimited data plans just days before launching the iPhone 4, AT&T is seemingly continuing its vendetta against unlimited iPhone data plan subscribers who had been grandfathered in before the carrier switched over to tiered data plans. Most recently, the ‘rethink possible’ carrier had created an outraged community […]

iPhone Owner Gets $850 from AT&T Over Data Throttling

iPhone Owner Takes AT&T to Court Over Data Throttling and Wins

AT&T’s data throttling policy, aimed at curbing consumption of those grandfathered into unlimited data plans, has drawn the ire of smartphone owners on one of the nation’s largest cellular providers. However, one man decided to take his frustrations a step beyond customer service and beyond the forums where most complaints takeĀ  place. Matt Spaccarelli has […]

AT&T Starts Throttling Grandfathered Unlimited Customers after 2 GB


After AT&T had abandoned its unlimited data offering just before the launch of the iPhone 4, the carrier allowed customers already on the unlimited offering to retain their plans while offering new tiered plans to new subscribers. At the time, AT&T just cautioned that it would begin to throttle users who were in the top […]

Virgin Mobile to Start Throttling Data in March

Virgin Mobile

Back in September, Virgin Mobile USA announced that it had delayed a policy in which it would start throttling its heaviest data users until next year. Well, the mobile carrier has now taken the unfortunate step of confirming that it still plans to start throttling users and that it will start doing so once March […]

Sprint Clears Up Throttling Confusion


There were rampant reports that Sprint, despite its commercials and prior statements, would begin throttling customers on its network. Dow Jones reported that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says that customers who are in the top 1% of data hogs will be throttled, or capped on their download and upload speeds. Hesse and Sprint’s PR team […]

Virgin Mobile Delays Throttling Heaviest Data Users Until 2012


Just a few short hours after AT&T started sending out notices letting its heavy data users know that it’s going to start throttling their data use, another carrier, Sprint’s Virgin Mobile, has declared that it will not start throttling its heaviest data hogs until 2012 at the very earliest. Back in July, Virgin Mobile announced […]

AT&T Begins to Threaten Data Hog Users with Throttle SMSes


It looks like AT&T is making good on its promise that if you’re among the top 5% of data users on its network, you’ll most likely be throttled to reduced speeds for the duration of your billing cycle. The carrier had stated that the policy change will go into effect at the beginning of October […]

Verizon Begins Throttling 3G Data Users Who Download Too Much


Users of Verizon’s 3G network with unlimited data and who consume an excessive amount of data downloads and uploads each month are now subjected to throttling. The move by Verizon Wireless follows the steps of its rival AT&T and the carrier, like AT&T, claims that this latest change will only affect about 5% of its […]

After Tiered Data Plans, AT&T Turns to Data Throttling Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch


When Apple had launched its first aluminum-clad iPhone, industry-watchers had said that the Cupertino, California Mac-maker had changed the wireless industry. Not only did the iPhone brought mass attention to the smartphone industry and begin the process of consumerizing smartphones, but also the device ushered in a low-cost $20 data plan that included unlimited data […]