iWatch Leaks as Apple Employees talk about Tim Cook


The iWatch is one of the most-rumored Apple devices for this year, right alongside the iPhone 6 and new iPads that we will also most likely see pop up in the fall. Apple has been very quiet about its upcoming product line, but a few hints about the iWatch from Apple employees suggest that the […]

Apple: Deeply Embedded Innovation Replacing Attention to the Basics?


In Apple’s most recent quarterly earnings call facts and figures were bandied about by analysts and Apple honchos in the way they typically are. In the wacky way these things go, Apple reported record sales and record profit. In the category of iPhone sales, Apple sold a record number of iPhones but it didn’t meet […]

Tim Cook Talks NSA, Secrecy, and More with ABC News


Apple is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Mac and has a part of that celebration there are interviews and special remembrances happening just about everywhere you turn. Yesterday ABC New ran an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook to mark the occasion. In the interview, ABC Reporter David Muir talked about a number of […]

Tim Cook Talks Secrecy, Sapphire and Reading 800 User Emails a Day

tim cook

The Mac is 30 and as teasers of a new Mac Super Bowl ad and rumors of an iWatch and bigger iPhone with a Sapphire screen swirl Apple executives sat down to answer questions about Apple’s secret keeping, Sapphire crystal investment and more. During the interview Cook explains that he keeps the tradition of reading […]

iPhone 6 with Massive Screen More Likely as Apple Enters China

Data shows Chinese consumer preference is for larger screens.

The iPhone 6 screen size will likely grow in 2014 as Apple pushes to compete with growing smartphone sizes in the U.S. and looks to offer an iPhone with a larger screen in China. This week the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launched on China Mobile, bringing orders in the multi-millions and spawning lines around […]

Sunday Morning Reading: Ballmer, Burning Crosses, and the NSA


There were some interesting things going on in the mobile tech world this last week on many fronts. Much of what happened we chronicled in one way or the other here on the pages of GBM. But there were several articles that are worth point out that make very good Sunday morning reading (or viewing) […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Twitter, Apple Becoming More Social?

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.54.20 PM

The day of Apple’s iPhone 5s launch is a good day for the company, but CEO Tim Cook has decided to do something he’s never done before; and something that very few execs at Apple have done. Cook has joined Twitter and has already sent out his first tweet. So far, he already has over 38,000 […]

Through Healthcare, Google and Apple Begin to Mend Rift


After a long embittered patent battle that Apple had waged against Google’s Android OEMs alleging that Android partners infringe on key Apple patents, it looks like Google and Apple are beginning to mend the rift. The two companies were once close allies with Google’s Dr. Eric Schmidt sitting on Apple’s board. And when the iPhone […]

If Apple’s Board Is Really Worried, Apple is Screwed

The iPhone 5S release date could land on September 20th or a similar date thanks to Apple earnings guidance.

A new report claims Apple’s Board of Directors is concerned about the, “pace of innovation,” at Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook. Given what we know about the Apple Board of Director’s access to un-released Apple products the source of these rumors is either mis-informed, or Apple is in bigger trouble than fans could […]

Apple Wants You to Buy Your iPhone 5S at an Apple Store

Grand Central Apple Store - point of purchase

Apple wants you to buy your new iPhone at an Apple Store instead of at a carrier or big box retailer, and we could see a new push with the rumored iPhone 5S release to get shoppers into an Apple Store to buy the new iPhone. The iPhone is sold at Apple Stores as well […]

Apple Leaves Options Open for iPhone 6 Models

The iPhone 5S could feature a higher resolution display with a narrower bezel, similar to the iPad mini.

Start talking about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 screen sizes and you’re sure to hear from consumers who want a larger screen and from an equally adamant set of users who don’t want Apple to mess with the one-handed ease of use that comes with a 3.5-inch or 4-inch display. These conversations highlight the […]

When Apple Closes One Door on Facebook Home, a Window of APIs Opens


They say that when one door closes, a new window of opportunity opens and such may be the case with Apple. Taking the stage at the All Things D conference, CEO Tim Cook opens up about Apple opening up its iOS platform in the future to developers. Though Cook dismissed the notion of Facebook’s Home launcher, […]

Tim Cook: More Design Continuity Between Software, Hardware and Services


Though Tim Cook didn’t expressly reveal anything new regarding the future of Apple’s iOS mobile platform or the desktop Mac OS X operating system, the CEO did give us some insight about the executive shuffle at Apple and what that means for consumers. When asked about senior vice president of iOS software Scott Forstall’s departure, […]

Is Tim Cook Leading Apple Into Palm’s Dismal Fate?

Image via Curbside Classic

At one point, Palm owned the personal digital assistant, or PDA, market share in the U.S., largely outselling its closest competitor, Microsoft’s Pocket PC platform. However, Microsoft pushed aggressively for new features at the time that were not available on the Palm Pilot, including color displays, ability to support multimedia content such as music, video, […]

Tim Cook Will Invite You to Coffee for $185,000 for Charity

tim cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook will share a coffee date with the person to bid the highest in an auction, with all the proceeds going to a good cause. The auction, which ends on May 14, is for the celebrity focused goodwill organization CharityBuzz. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Robert F. Kennedy […]

Tim Cook Hints Apple Won’t Have New Devices Until Fall


During Apple’s Q2 2013 earnings call CEO Tim Cook hinted that Apple won’t release any new devices until the Fall of 2013. Cook didn’t mention any specific plans Apple has for the coming year, though he did note that “our teams are working on new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce […]

Tim Cook Refuses To Answer Questions About Apple TV’s Future

Apple TV

Yesterday during the Apple Q1 2013 earnings call CEO Tim Cook said the company sold more Apple TVs than ever before, but he wouldn’t give much detail on the future of the device. The questions about the Apple TV came from Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, the analyst famous for calling for an Apple HDTV […]

Tim Cook Dismisses Larger iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Screen Sizes

iPhone 5S rumors

Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed rumors of an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 with a larger screen during the Apple Q1 2013 earnings call, telling investors Apple picked the right screen size when upgrading to a 4-inch Retina Display. In typical Apple fashion Cook carefully dodged directly talking about rumors and upcoming products when answering […]

Apple Moving Some Mac Production To The U.S. in 2013


In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek Apple CEO Tim Cook said his company will move production of some of the Mac lineup to the U.S. Tim Cook will confirm the move in his interview with Brian William on Rock Center tonight. Cook didn’t give any details on which Mac device the company will make the […]