Apple’s Tim Cook Apologizes for Maps


Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has put forth a letter apologizing for the problems with Maps. Saying the company “fell short” of its own standards and Apple is “extremely sorry” for the frustration this has led to. Cook says that Apple is working hard to improve the App and recommends that consumers use other third party […]

The iPhone 5 I Would Have Released


So we finally got to see the iPhone 5 in its official, real-life glory, and it is everything we (reasonably) thought it would be. Exactly. With absolutely nothing else to it. Good enough for me, but let’s face it, “good enough” isn’t what people expect from Apple. If I was running the show, things would […]

Apple and Google CEOs Talking Over Patent Issues


Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page are reportedly meeting to discuss patent issues between the two companies. According to Reuters Cook and Page had a phone conversation about the issues last week, and had another meeting scheduled for Friday. The two CEOs delayed the second meeting, however, for unknown reasons. The two should […]

Apple’s WWDC Keynote: Mixed Emotions

Apple - Apple Events - Apple Special Event June 2012

I’m not sure why I’m feeling this, but something seems to be missing from Apple’s WWDC Keynote from earlier today. You can watch it here. It’s not the products. Apple certainly announced a number of new products to keep people excited and the cash registers ringing. (Question: As we move closer to digital wallets and […]

Tim Cook Talks Apple at All Things Digital’s D10 Conference (Video)

Tim Cook at D Conference

Tim Cook talked to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at their All Things Digital annual D Conference where he talk all things Apple. Tim looked very comfortable in the same chair that Steve Jobs occasionally filled. This was Cook’s first significant public interview recorded for all to see since taking over as the CEO of […]

Facebook Integration with iOS 6 Nearly a Done Deal

iOS 6 logo

If Facebook and Apple had a Facebook status it would be “it’s complicated” but it looks like we might finally see Facebook integration with iOS 6 when the new version of the iPhone and iPad software is announced at WWDC 2012 in a few weeks. Read: 11 Features I Want in iOS 6 Apple CEO […]

Apple Has to Be Social, CEO Tim Cook Hints at Deeper Facebook Integration


At the All Things D conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed some hints about Apple’s plans for social network integration by touching on topics such as the company’s internally developed social music sharing Ping network, the possibility of deeper Facebook integration, and highlighting that though Apple does not need to build its own network it does […]

Tim Cook Wants More Secrecy, Apple Products Made in America


Tim Cook had revealed some interesting tidbits in his interview at the All Things D conference and his vision for Apple. In his candid chat with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of the publication, Cook says that he wants to bring transparency to Apple while at the same time preserving the secret culture that surrounding products […]

Court Orders Apple and Samsung CEOs to Explore Patent Settlement


Apple and Samsung have legal battles in several countries over a range of issues. Today both companies agreed to sit down to hopefully reach a settlement agreement on the suits filed in Northern California, which could bring the US arguments to an end. According to FOSS Patents, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Gee-Sung Choi, along […]

Tim Cook Spotted At Valve HQ, Could Be Working on Gaming Partnership


Over the past few years Apple has taken a lot of time during product announcements to talk about gaming. The company has a good relationship with Epic Games, developers of the Infinity Blade series that serves as a showcase for the iOS platform as well as other big names like Namco. Now there’s a possibility […]

Steve Who? Tim Cook Kneecapped Apple’s Rivals


With the news that Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn will raise wages to compensate for cutting hours, people are starting to wonder what this will mean for manufacturing costs in China. Everyone who builds in China is worried. Except Apple.

New iPad Approved For Sale In China

The new iPad will soon be making its way across the Pacific to China. Or rather, the Chinese government will allow Apple to keep some iPads inside China to sell in stores. The Chinese government has approved one model of the new iPad, model number A1416, for sale within China. It is likely that the […]

Wall Street Loves the New iPad – AAPL

Apple Stock Climbs new iPad AAPL

The new iPad will hit the streets in two days, but Apple is already hitting record highs on Wall Street. Wall Street had already priced a new iPad into the price of Apple Stock (AAPL) before Apple made the new iPad official last week, but investors are pushing the stock to new high, showing their approval for […]

Apple By The Numbers: iPad Sales Stats for 2011 (AAPL)

Apple Logo iPad 3 iPad HD Sales Stats

Today at the iPad special event in California Tim Cook kicked off the show in usual Apple style with a recap of the Apple’s success over the past year. Based on the Apple Q1 2012 results we already know that Apple sold 37.4 million iPhones and 15 million iPads in the last 3 months of […]

iCloud Syncing Photos, Docs & More for 100 Million Users


iCloud launched in October with iOS 5, but in just a few short months the syncing service for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC has grown to over 100 million users. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the new milestone in connected users yesterday during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference where he also talked […]

Why Apple Didn’t Have a Super Bowl Ad

Apple Super Bowl ad

Super Bowl commercials are as famous as the game. If done right, possibly more memorable. Who played in the 1984 Super Bowl? Who knows. But I bet most of you know the famous Apple 1984 commercial even if you didn’t see it aired live on January 22nd 1984. This year Samsung took to the Super […]

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Has Passed at Age 56

Steve Jobs

In a press release, Apple has confirmed that former CEO Steve Jobs passed away today at the age of 56. The news comes just a little over a month after Jobs announced that he would step down from the company as CEO with Apple COO Tim Cook taking the reigns of CEO. Jobs remained on […]

Why the iPhone 4S Makes Me Want a New Android Phone

iPhone 4 Mockup Missed the Mark

I previously posted that in order for Apple to lure me back to the iPhone camp, they would have to include a few things. To catch you up, Apple announced the iPhone 4S, which has faster internals and a new camera, but the same old iPhone 4 look. My top priority: a larger screen! Sadly, […]

Apple by the Numbers at iPhone Announcement


Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at the company’s Cupertino auditorium with hundreds of press on hand to regale them with the expected facts and sales figures. Starting with their new stores, Cook told us that they saw over 100,000 visitors at their new Hong Kong store during its opening weekend. This store […]

Who is Time Cook? A Look at the Man Behind the iPhone Announcement


With Apple’s iPhone announcement being hours away, we wanted to take a quick look at Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook who’s believed to be unveiling the next iPhone at Apple’s Cupertino, California campus. Does Cook, a man who’s responsible for streamlining Apple’s operations and helping to make Apple more profitable, have the foresight needed to […]