Time Inc’s Tablet Project


Terry McDonell, the editor of Sports Illustrated, showed TechCrunch and others a demo of Time Inc’s “Manhattan Project,” a system to bring magazines into the digital age. The system, complete with swipe control to turn pages, is designed with tablet systems in mind and will likely be ported to devices other than the HP Tablet […]

Time’s 10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade

Time Magazine has published a list of what the Time Editors think are the 10 biggest failures of the last decade. As usual with some of these lists, some that get the distinction are obivous and some no so much. Here’s the list: Microsoft Vista Gateway HD DVD Vonage YouTube Sirius XM Microsoft Zune Palm […]

Email Only Device-Peek-at the Top of Time’s Gadget of the Year List


What does this say? I’m not sure. Much of the excitement in the mobile tech space has been and continues to be about smartphones, netbooks, and MIDs, all devices that can do mulitple things. So, why is an email only handheld device, the Peek, leading the vote getters in Time Magazine’s Gadget of the Year […]