How to Cancel Cable the Easy Way


You may remember last year’s fiasco with Comcast when a user tried to cancel his service, but instead took a trip to hell. This is pretty common with cable providers and internet service providers, but there’s one trick that you can use to cancel cable with ease. If you want to cancel your cable subscription […]

5 Common Time Warner Cable Problems & Fixes

When you experience Time Warner Cable Internet problems you can fix many with a restart.

Time Warner Cable problems are destined to arrive at the worst possible time knocking out your Internet, home phone or cable TV. We’ll walk through common Time Warner Cable problems and how to fix them without wasting time on the phone or waiting for a repair person to come in a four-hour window when you […]

Pebble App Store for Android Now in Play Store With New Apps

pebble evernote not app

Pebble shipped their new Pebble Steel watch earlier this year, but it only came with app support for the iPhone and iPad. That changed when they finally pushed out their update to the Google Play Store making it compatible with Android phones. The new app comes with some interesting new features and partners. The most […]

Comcast Buying Time Warner Cable


The cable world just might be getting a bit smaller as the largest cable provider gets larger. According to CNBC’s David Farber (in a tweet) Comcast will announce a deal tomorrow to buy Time Warner Cable. The Wall St. Journal is also confirming the deal. Comcast is the largest US cable provider with 33 million […]

Roku Brings Time Warner Cable TV App To Streaming Video Players

Roku 2

At CES Roku announced a new partnership with Time Warner Cable that brings a selection of TV channels to Roku devices for free. Now Roku users can download the free TWC TV app to their streaming boxes to gain access to a selection of up to 300 TV channels on their HDTV. Like the iOS and […]

I’m Ready for Apple TV to Shake Up Stale Cable Boxes

Crappy Cable Box

It’s not news that Apple is talking with cable operators and content providers about a new Apple TV capable of delivering Live TV and DVR like functionality. We’ve heard about negotiations over, and over again, but as the last few minutes of Leverage turned into a pixellated muted mess on Time Warner Cable last night I […]

Watch the State of the Union Address On Your Phone

State of the Union Address

Tonight’s State of the Union address will air on all the major networks (and Fox) and on C-SPAN at 9PM eastern, but you don’t need a TV to watch the president speak. Just like last year, the White House will stream the speech online (with an enhanced version, even), as will CNN, C-SPAN, and Quora. […]

How Will The Verizon Wireless Spectrum Sale Affect You?


Today Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Media announced a huge spectrum sale to Verizon Wireless to the tune of $3.6 billion. It appears to be a good deal for all of the companies involved, but what will it mean for customers? On the Verizon side, this sale means that the wireless carrier will […]

Time Warner’s (Self-Defeating) Block on Jailbreakers Reeks of Ignorance

stuck in 20th century time warner

Those who use the Time Warner cable app on a jailbroken iPad may have been greeted with a stern message after installing the latest update. As Eric Slivka at MacRumors points out, the following message would be displayed for those users:   Though it’s likely that a relatively small percentage of iOS users stream content […]

Watch Live TV on Your iPad and iPad 2 w/ Time Warner Cable App (video)

How to Watch TV on the iPAd

Time Warner Cable has launched a new iPad app that lets users watch live TV on the iPad and iPad 2 over a WiFi connection. The new app is available free in the iTunes app store and delivers 32 live HDTV channels to the iPad when connected to your home WiFi Connection. Check out our iPad 2 Review […]

4G LTE Better Than Home Internet in Some Cases


I spoke with Avram Piltch from Laptop Mag by phone bout Google Chrome OS and a few other geeky things. He was extremely excited about some speed tests he recently completed and he just couldn’t get enough of Verizon’s LTE service. In his Manhattan apartment, Verizon LTE was not only faster than Sprint’s and T-mobile’s […]