How to Speed Up the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, & LG G4 in Seconds

Update, uninstall and contact the developer to solve Galaxy S6 Edge app problems.

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, LG G4, HTC One M9 and others are all extremely fast and powerful handheld computers. With efficient six or 8-core processors and 3GB of RAM they have more than enough power. That said, those who want even better performance and faster devices, the steps below […]

How To Quit Frozen iPhone Apps

Slide to Power Off

The iPod Touch and iPhone are good at closing apps that misbehave, but if your iPhone locks up on a misbehaving app, you don’t have to restart to fix the problem. Frozen apps are a pain, especially if you can’t double tap the home button to pull up recently used apps and quit them. (Read: How to […]

How To Teach Siri Contact Relationships

Teach Siri Who You Are Related to

Siri is a pretty impressive personal assistant for your iPhone 4S. Siri is even more impressive, because she can remember relationships. you can use Siri to add contact relationships in seconds. If you go look at your contact card in iOS 5, you can add your spouse easily enough, but if you want to add many more, the […]

Most Amazing iPhone and iPad Keyboard Tip Ever

iPhone keyboard tip

If you type more than a word on the iPhone each day, you need to check out this amazing iPhone keyboard tip that saves you tons of time. Instead of tapping the “.?123″ button tapping your number or punctuation and tapping”ABC” again and again, you can simply slide your finger across the keyboard to access your common punctuation marks and numbers. […]

Take iPad Photos Easier With One Flick – Quick Tip

ipad camera easy to use

On top of delivering poor quality photos, the iPad’s camera is a pain to use because Apple placed the shutter button in the middle of the device while in Landscape mode. Stretch no more. A simple flip of the orientation lock switch can solve this problem. It is a pain to stretch for the center […]

Potential Security Issue with Windows 7, the TIP, and Passwords? reader Medic / Willem Evenhuis just posted a YouTube video (see below) demonstrating a possible security bug with Windows 7 and their password security setting in the TIP, which is supposed to keep the password from being displayed while it is being entered via the onscreen keyboard. It is clear from his video that […]

Inker the TIP Replacement


I don’t have my Tablet PC with me today to check this out right now, but Inker looks like a great way to enhance the TIP.   Make sure and watch the video of the replacement TIP on their site.  It’s looks very useful, especially when inputting text in the console window.  Report back on your […]

GBM InkShow: Inking in Windows 7 pre-Beta Build


Here we go. The pre-Beta build for Windows 7 is in the hand of testers, and I’m lucky enough to have a shot at checking it out, along with several other members of the GBM Team. Rob has already posted some screenshots and to continue our exploration of the next generation of Windows, here is […]

Windows 7 Tablet PC Screenshots


Several of us on the team are fortunate enough to be participating in the Windows 7 beta, and we’ve got some screen shots of some of the new Tablet PC features in Windows 7. Keep in mind, a lot of this might change between now and release. There will be more coming, so stay […]