Samsung Rumored to Ditch Android on Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch

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Recent reports have surfaced stating that Samsung will officially “shun Android” by dropping Google’s mobile operating system on its upcoming Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It’s no secret Android is the number one mobile OS in the world, and growing by the minute, but it may not be optimal for wearable devices, according to Samsung. New details […]

Samsung Confirms Delays in Launching Tizen Phones


We had previously heard that Samsung’s Tizen phones that were slated to launch in the Japanese market with carrier NTT DoCoMo were going to be delayed given that Japan may not be able to support yet another major operating system, but now we are hearing that Samsung may have chosen to delay the launch of […]

Samsung’s Threat to Android, Tizen 2.1 Screenshots Leak

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 1.52.47 PM

Samsung is the king of Android, as we all know, but that doesn’t mean the company plans to sit around and get complacent. In fact, Samsung is busy preparing its own mobile operating system to take on Android and Apple’s iOS, and it’s called Tizen. We’ve been following the progress of Tizen for some time […]

Samsung Pits Tizen-Powered NX300M Smart Camera Against Galaxy NX Android


Though we’re still waiting for Android powerhouse Samsung to launch its first smartphone(s) running the Tizen operating system that the South Korean electronics-maker has already launched a smart camera on the market with Tizen on-board. Dubbed the NX300M, the camera is a variant of the existing NX300 available worldwide, though the M model is currently […]

Samsung Confesses TouchWiz Needs Work


At its analyst event, Samsung revealed that the company will be turning its attention to software to be competitive moving forward. The company began its presentation talking about Samsung’s ascension in the mobile space to becoming the largest phone-maker in the world, dethroning veterans like Nokia and Motorola. To continue its growth, Samsung Electronics president […]

Look Out Android! Tizen OS May Officially Launch in October in San Francisco


Though September’s IFA event in Berlin may play host to Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Note 3 launch, the South Korean electronics manufacturer may be quietly prepping another launch event as it begins to distance itself from Google. Even though Samsung had largely helped to make Google’s Android operating system the most popular mobile OS in the […]

Samsung’s First Tizen Phone May Take on iPhone 5C in October


While the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C may be announced in under a month in September, it’s been rumored that both devices won’t hit stores until October 25th around the same time that Samsung may be launching its next wave of attack on Apple with new devices running the Tizen operating system. Having built a […]

Can Samsung Do for Tizen What HP Failed to Do for webOS?


In a recent interview, Samsung head J.K. Shin revealed his company’s ambitions for Tizen as the company is exploring ways to turn every piece of consumer electronics it makes smart by powering them with the OS that was jointly developed alongside chip-maker Intel. This could mean that Tizen, or core parts of the OS, could […]

ARM Holdings Should Brace Itself for Potential Samsung Exit


ARM Holdings, the company whose processor designs is used in an overwhelming majority of the smartphones available today, is the dominant chip-maker in the mobile space after Intel’s initial failure to break into mobility. However, a changing mobile climate and repeated murmurs of a rumored tiff between Samsung and Android should have ARM scared. Rumors […]

Code Names Emerge for Two Upcoming Samsung Tizen Smartphones


The code names for two upcoming Samsung smartphones running the Tizen operating system have emerged, though little information is known about these devices. The first device has the model number GT-i8805 and is considered to be a high-end smartphone model called Redwood. A mid-range Melius smartphone bears the model number of GT-i8800. Samsung is expected […]

Samsung: High-End Tizen Smartphone Coming in August, September


Hot on the heels of the launch of the Android-powered flagship Galaxy S4 unveiling in New York City, Samsung has confirmed that its upcoming smartphone based on the Tizen mobile OS will debut sometime in August or September this year. Tizen, which is developed as a partnership between Samsung, Intel, and a number of partners […]

Samsung Confirms Multiple Tizen Smartphone Releases in 2013


After Google had acquired Motorola Mobility, it had been rumored for some time that Samsung would try to diversify its portfolio and now the leading Android smartphone-maker has announced that it would release multiple smartphone models running the Tizen operating system in 2013. The Tizen OS was formed out of Nokia’s and Intel’s abandoned MeeGo […]

Samsung Working on Tizen Smartphone for NTT DoCoMo


NTT DoCoMo is reportedly working with Samsung to release a smartphone based on the Tizen platform, which is expected to debut in early 2013. This would be the first smartphone for Samsung to utilize the Tizen operating system, which is an open-source Linux variant based off of the now defunct MeeGo OS project between Intel […]

Samsung Planning Galaxy Smartphone Launch With Tizen OS


Samsung had historically used the Galaxy trademark for launching Android smartphones, tablets, and even cameras, but it looks like the South Korean electronics-maker will be broadening the Galaxy moniker to include smartphones running the Tizen OS, which is being developed jointly with Intel and other partners. It’s unclear what the branding will mean for Samsung’s […]

Samsung to Launch Tizen Phone in 2013


While it’s been anticipated that Samsung would launch a smartphone based on the Tizen operating system that it has backed along with partner Intel later this year, that device may not launch until 2013. The company will be replacing its Bada OS with the new Linux-based Tizen OS and according to Sam Mobile, Samsung hopes to […]

Jolla Hopes to Resurrect Nokia’s Stunted MeeGo Dreams

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It looks like emerging smartphone manufacturer Jolla is looking to breathe new life into the MeeGo platform, which was originally founded as a partnership between chip-maker Intel and phone-maker Nokia. However, when Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop had announced in February 2011 that the company was switching gears to Windows Phone, MeeGo was casted aside […]

Samsung to Merge Bada with Tizen to Create FrankenOS


Samsung will be merging its Bada OS, which is predominantly found in South Korea, with Tizen to create a huge mash-up OS that will strive to compete against Android. According to Tae-Jin Kang, Samsung’s VP of Contents Planning Team, “We have an effort that will merge bada and Tizen.” Forbes reported that the company doesn’t know […]